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05Aug 2019

My School Story

Posted by : Tejal Shah
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My school's story! A message we live 

A school for the ones who deserve a little extra! Yes, that’s my school! It’s Wisdom High International School and Junior College. Its verdant location and integrated educational approach are a compass for creating compassionately responsible, successful achievers as global citizens.

Every story has a beginning. Our school has an inspiring beginning … rather a fairy Godmother as well. Our respected chairman Mr. Manish Agarwal Sir and Managing Trustee Ms. Ritu Agarwal Ma’am always cherished this dream to make Nasikites acquire the stimulating educational face lift its own, unique way. This dream was supported by Sir’s grandmother Smt. Rukmanraniji Roshanlal Gupta. It was her dream that the school has tranquil as well as intellectually stimulating environment for learners -which stands so very true till date.


It all started with a vibrant and welcoming venture at Ritu ma’am’s backyard with a handful of students. Interactive stories, explorative number games, foot tapping music & rhymes, drama in all languages, and loads of fun was in store for the toddlers -that just left them craving for more and more each day. Ms. Varsha Mahore ma’am was the first teacher who allowed these young explorers that enthusiasm to probe, explore and enjoy every task up sleeves. Children learnt colours, seasons, festivals, fruits, vegetables, community helpers, drama, music, and art just to name a few in form of games and fun filled activities. And all of this was learnt by celebrating special days, singing songs, colouring and doll houses! If it was community helper’s day, kids used to dress up like doctors, teachers and so on… This allowed children to explore rather than imposing redundant, bookish ways. Parents whole heartedly participated and supported their child’s learning process.


The school gradually grew by inaugurating a new venture at Rameshwar Nagar in the year 2005. Its sprawling campus with unconventional teaching strategies were just the right click for the upbeat city that just wanted -a little extra! The school with individual virtually equipped subject labs [smart classes], AVRs, rich pages, footloose, saptsur, western music studio, cafeteria, auditoriums and the fully equipped sports area… This was a dream come true where children were allowed the right mix of academics and co-curricular activities. There was a treasure trove of interesting activities seasoned with life skills- elocution, art festivals, elections, a world in with motion, school cinema and many more to make the students savour experiential form of learning. Furthermore, our very own recharge centre mentored the right balance to maintain child’s emotional health along with the overall scholastic development. Mensa testing helped the students to carve their own niche and were receiving accolades in every forte. Can any ward’s journey be ever complete without his friends? To say it this way, spending a night at school in an adventure camp was a dream come true for all. Children always love to stay with their friends and in turn learn in a holistic manner-Making garments with newspapers, making missal and lots of games, morning walk! Allowing children to interact and explore to their heart’s core is what the kids long for! “Stop Talking!” is a taboo that the we unanimously endorse. Students are encouraged to think, to question, to research, to design and to do. Thus, they learn.

Moving this beautiful journey ahead … a new colourful chapter was added to our success story- a new campus for Little Wonders International… at our very own Rameshwar Nagar premises. Beautifully painted classes, bean-shaped seating arrangements to make learning interactive, pigeon holes that caters to students’ organising skill, forming queues to take a serving, night suit day and listening to lovely stories from fairy are just a few, in fact very few snippets to share. There was a special reading cove in every classroom along with visual stimulus- this helped to improve students’ sight-reading skills. How can a mention of the sand play, activity area, computer labs and the most updated library left unnoticed? Lovely books were carefully hand picked keeping the learning objectives in mind. The common area is always adorned considering the thematic monthly activities, planners and other requites like bus routes, circulars to help parents stay abreast with the upcoming events. The staircase was so much fun to climb down as it reminds me of Jack and the Bean stalk! How intricately and meticulously is everything designed- ventilation, colour scheme, comfort and above all child’s safety. The garden area is flanked by vivid play equipment and basket ball court that children just can’t afford to miss. The Little Wonder premises always leaves one in a magical trance that makes learning so very colourful and simple.


  • In the year 2016, our school added two more feathers in its caps- Connect Academy and Wisdom High International at Govardhan premises. The beautiful, hi-tech, warm & comfortable staff lounge well equipped with beverage machines & soft music for work & relaxation. The CCTV backup for the entire school. The nerve centre monitored & recording 24 x 7. Thus, ensuring security. Infirmary: Well-equipped infirmary for first –aid & basic emergencies attended by trained & qualified medical staff. School Bus Services: A fleet of buses that ply with trained monitored drivers & female attendants. The Cafeteria: A spacious area where students can relish food & interact with their teachers. The school has cloak rooms for students to change & get refreshed after sports.
  • Connect Academy is centre that provides education to students with learning disabilities and for slow learners. Connect's aim is to empower children with knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable them to face personal and professional challenges with confidence. Our teaching program is to help these children go beyond their learning disabilities, complete their education and grow into positive & contributing citizens.

Facilities at Connect Academy

  • NIOS Board: Pre-NIOS levels (1 to 9), 10th NIOS.
  • Assessments: Educational assessment and Psychological Testing
  • Early intervention which focuses on finding children at risk of a developmental delay or disorder.
  • Therapies: Occupational, Speech, Physiotherapy & Behaviour
  • Counselling: Individual/Family/Group
  • Remedial Teaching
  • Home based program for academic and behaviour development.

AS & A levels are one of the most recognized qualification in the world offered here. They are accepted as proof of academic ability for entry into universities. Institutes of higher education & even military schools. The Cambridge AS & A level are continually monitored, developed & updated & are hence recognized worldwide as a mark of quality & evidence of real ability & understanding. The AS or Advance level exam is for students who have studied the 2 years of IGCSE level. The School Also Offers-
HSC – Commerce, Science & Bifocal Science

  • Tie up for preparation of entrance exams of IIT- JEE (Main & Advance), Medical, MH-CET, NATA etc.
  • Tie up for preparation of SAT/ TOFEL/ IELTS etc.15 years back Little Wonders became an Icon by itself in Kindergarten education. Being the only school of Nashik to involve colors, feelings, themes & activities in a child’s learning. Academics were rediscovered with new patterns of writings, redundant rules were broken & learning was enhanced with phonics, number work & science with hands on experience.


Today we look forward to live the message, "The Object Of Teaching a Child Is To Enable Him To Get Along Without a Teacher"


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Tejal Shah

I`m a teacher at Wisdom High International school and wish to share the lovely story ... the story how my school began and where has it reached today. I am so proud to share the success story with all the other members of my fraternity.

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