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07Aug 2020


Posted by : Sunila Sapre
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Enough has been said about this Pandemic. I was anguished by the fact that an intelligent race we humans call ourselves, was brought to justice by a micro organism. After a series of extended lockdowns we have adapted well, at least some of us have, to this whole situation. Some fumed, some threw tantrums, some showed withdrawal symptoms, some were shattered, some hoarded, some joked, some created memes.

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Well me, I observed the whole situation after the big news broke out. Each one found out a way to tide over this situation. None of us expected this to bring the world to a halt. The much needed PAUSE, anticipated, but never expected this way. I always felt each one of us was constantly on the run. Running around, being busy was in vogue. Doing nothing, watching blank space was a strict no, no.

No one wanted to stop and take a deep breath and be still for  even for a second. The rat race was on and in any case each one had to win it.

What race, what destination they reached, what they achieved no one really knew, but each one was running, running fast, falling tripping, climbing on each other, but running nonetheless. I felt they were all in some sort of a big house thrown in together, and doing a task given by an absent Big Boss. Men were busy in office, targets, promotions, increments, at times forgetting about families children, housewives, old, aged parents.

They often cited the reason that they were doing this for them all at home, never asking or giving any of the concerned parties any choice. The working women were running to prove they are equal to men, feminism on rise, every one wanted to prove their place. They were on a tightrope walk, house, children, office, target, ego. Quitting was not in the book of life or in the dictionary. It was a personal insult. Some really balanced all well, at least outwardly, or so they showed off, but deep down if you ask me as a woman, each one wanted a break.

Some may have gone out to work, because they wanted the second income, they were qualified and felt they were wasting their qualifications sitting at home, some of them were plainly bored of home and stepping out meant exploring. Take your pick, but who suffered most were the children. They were thrown in the baby care centre, or were with their grandparents. The ones who brought them in this world had no time to spend with them. They were brought in this world to prove that the parents are fertile, or to prove that yes, I have someone to call mine, my flesh and blood. There was no sense of responsibility seen in any parents about the well being or psychology of the child. The race was on, buddy, full throttle on!!

They were going towards or going against, no idea. In that race if you happened to stop anyone, they had the same answer, I am busy, am late, am doing something urgent, have to go, catch you later. I always had people saying, catch you later, giving a feeling that am standing at one place, and they are somehow going to take a detour to find me at the same place standing, waiting for them. I never stopped waiting but many never took this much needed u-turn, detour whatever you want to call it. Now when they were thrown in this situation suddenly braking their fast speed which was towards nowhere, each one is thinking, introspecting on where they were running, why they were running, was there an end? Many I guess aren’t even thinking right now, most of them are just taking one day at a time, just staying alive. Right now, each one of us is with family, keeping ourselves together.

We now know that, the Sensex doesn’t matter, the price of the luxury car which is standing in our garages doesn’t matter, the gold in the lockers doesn’t matter, the designer dresses or shoes in the wardrobes doesn’t matter, the price of fuel doesn’t matter, what matters is what we are eating in the next meal, what matters is, if we are getting enough medical supplies for the conditions that we have, or our dear ones have. We have compromised to eating staple diet instead of getting menus ordered from expensive restaurants, our taste buds have suddenly accepted home food, however it is, by whomever it is, cooked at home. Our dresses haven’t seen sunlight for so many days, neither have the designers Autumn, Spring, Fall collections. All JimmyChoos are in the bottom of the wardrobes, all Ferraris have gathered dust, all MacD’s are heaven to rats and roaches.

Is this a situation where you are supposed to be happy, but you are not, as this is somehow forced happiness. Are we being manipulated to play the happy game at home?

Many could not survive the pressure, the uncertainty, the prolonged waiting. Some just terminated their lives, some became zombies, some walking ghosts. Many on the other hand took time to sharpen their skills, cooking, knitting, sewing, art, sketching, gardening, all that made them happy or kept them busy. This situation once again enhanced the “never say die” spirit of the human race. We have seen wars, epidemics, famines, tsunamis, earthquakes, disasters but have survived it all as humans we fought to keep the spirit intact and flourishing. This too shall pass, has become an everyday mantra. We will survive, make new inventions, invent medicines, vaccines and weapons. But, we are never going to be ready for the next blow of the nature, which always is to make us humans understand the real meaning of life.

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Every situation teaches us to mend our ways, to look at things, at people, at everything in general, differently it gives us a perspective which we wouldn't have otherwise given a thought to. Each one of us who survives is going to take something better to the other side. Let us make ourselves better versions of what we were before the pandemic broke out. Let us vow to make the world a better place for us and for the generations to come. Let us hope and pray such a thing, as massive as this, doesn't ever happen but whilst it lasts let us all say no to lies and manipulations and dirty politics . Say yes to health and happiness and above all LOVE !! 


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Furqan Sayed Aug 11 2020 1:41AM

Very well said Sunila ! I hope we all have learnt our lessons and will change our lifestyle in the future. No more taking the earth, which is home for all human race for granted.


Sunila Sapre Sep 4 2020 6:55AM

Thanks Furqan, for your words of encouragement!!

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