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13Jan 2020

Unimaginable Water Crisis

Posted by : Chithra Shankar
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Nowadays,Water scarcity is very predominant on a global scale.Especially in Africa.In Africa, Capetown was the first city to face water crisis.Have you ever imagined a day where the water suppy is cut off? Its unimaginable right? But this particular day is commonly known as ZERO DAY.On this day, the water supply is cut off in order to conserve water.

What Exactly Happened in Capetown?

People really suffered a lot due to the water scarcity. So,the public started to come to a common place to fetch water to use it for their own purposes.Somehow,due to water saving efforts they have pushed back the suffering of zero day successfully.

Global Issues

On a global scale, there are many countries facing water scarcity.Because of this, sanitation and cleanliness is a major problem.This eventually leads to disease outbreak. Zero day is another catostrophe but it is natural.

National Scale

In India there is a city which is on the brink of Zero day.Guess which city is that? Its Bangalore.Sounds surprising right? Yes,its true! If water runs out at home,who do we turn to help?The plumber of course! As we panic, when all we get is a free serving of air!

The Geography Behind This

The Lakes and streams in India are depleting gradually as global warming is rising simultaneously.That's poetic right? This action could be interpretted in a way that, Mother earth is taking a revenge on us since we polluted her badly.There are few initiatives taken by few countries to conserve the natural resources and the water bodies.

What Can Be Done In Chennai?

In order to push back this problem from occuring in chennai, we should start saving water from this summer as the heat is going to be very dreadful on us.It is not going to spare us. So it is in our hands to take initiatives to solve this outrageous problem.What we can do is, fill big, hollow things with water before heat gets to you!

          "Walk with a water bottle you'll have a million followers"


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