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Blog Posting Guide On NexSchools

We are so happy to see you taking the right step towards building your positive digital footprint. Let’s get going.

Before you post the blog:

  • Go to My Account
  • Update your user name with the child name or the participant in Bloggers Contest
  • Upload your profile photo. The profile photo also appears on your blog post

Before Visiting Create Blog Form:

1. You will have to log in with the registered email address and password.
2. When you're in the login mode then start filling the fields in create blog form - http://www.NexSchools.com/createblog.aspx
 If you not in the login mode then you will get the message - Please login first before creating your blog. - Please login first before creating your blog. Click Here to Login 

Quick Recap of the Steps?

1. Put on your thinking cap & just write blog


2 Log in to experience all the features of NexSchools


4. Go to Create Your Blog


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On the Create Blog form you must remember:

  • Before you start posting your blog -first you must login with your registered email address
  • Write your blog in word doc or notepad or any other editor, do not copy paste the text directly from other website, be original with your ideas
  • Keep your blog image original, or provide the source for the images. Remember do not use copyright images in your blog posts.
  • Keep your image 700 px width and  300 px height relevant to blog content.
  • Variations in blog image size - Keep the width 700px all the time, but height can be lesser also upto 250px

Images are also an important part of the blog, so post the image related to the blog text of 700px by 300 px

  • Consider your passions. ...
  • Consider the blogs you read. ...
  • Teach everything you know. ...
  • Focus on presenting solutions to problems. ...
  • Write as a leading learner. ...
  • Think about the body of work you want to have in five years. ...
  • Write to a specific person.
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