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Celebrate Pen Pal Day

Hey there! We’d like to share to you ‘bout a very special friend...Mind reading a lil bit??
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Pen pals, a one of a kind friend! Pen pals are friends who you write letters particularly via post,to share your thoughts and let your heart out into the letter. Many might not have met their pen pals in person but they would be the best buddy you can ever ask for!

Well, when did pen pals originate?

An organization called Student letter exchange, aided students to write to people from different countries since 1936.The whole concept was inspired by a teacher who suggested that his students should start networking with people from various countries to expand their knowledge and learn about different cultures!
Everyone would have had a special ‘pen pal moment’ in life, World pen pal day celebrated on June 1st is the time to thank your pen buddies for having your back! Emails, text messages and chatting online has replaced the authentic and special hand written notes…
Let’s grab this opportunity to bring back the joy of writing letters!
Nexschools is inviting EVERYONE to join us to celebrate World pen pal day!

Glance through Wall of Pen Pall Messages

Don’t have a pen pal? No problem
We at NexSchools are celebrating it this way, read on and join ussmiley
The pandemic has affected so many people’s mental health due to various reasons, this is the right time to share comforting messages, anecdotes with everybody to make their day better!
Feel free to write any kind of short message addressed to everyone across the globe:) It can be a quote, hashtag, proverb or anecdote.

How to share the messages?

Step 1 Pick up paper and pen write the messages. You'll  the pen pal moments by handwritten notes instead of digital notes 

Step2 Click a photo and share it on NexSchools Social media handles - Facebook, Twitter, or by sending the photo on email - nexschools.com@gmail.com

Step 3 We are celebrating in for a week, so keep sending your messages till first week of June

Step 4 Share Pen Pal Day celebration with your friends, classmates, collegaues and relatives.

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Let’s make an effort to bring a smile on people ‘s faces during this day:)


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