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You’re Invited

Contribute for “Living During Pandemic.” Your experiences as teachers, students, parents, school principals and anybody who has witnessed this abrupt change to their working practices, online school and classes during 2020.

It is an effort to salute the heroes, bring the experience we faced everyday in our homes and online, celebrate unsung heroes in positive light and a hallmark of resilience, grit, togetherness and bonding. It’ll bind us together as collective memory with those dear ones who left us, the opportunities we missed, the precious occasions cancelled and some of us spent long interminable days away from loved ones. COVID-19 affected us all, deeply, emotionally and financially.

We will post your contributions on NexSchools YouTube Channel, Facebook Community – We Are Parents and on the NexSchools website.

Share Your Story

Tell us your stories of three key scenes during the first few months of lockdown and subsequent months of 2020:

A low point

A high point

A turning point

How can you contribute?

Contribute your personal experience in a video or story or personal memoir in the following media:

Video Only: maximum time limit 90 seconds

Text Only: stories, poems, combination of video and text

Video & Text: A video along with the text based story or summary or description


All the contributions must be available in digital format. Please use the following formats:

  • Jpg, png, mp4 maximum file size 10 mb
  • External links to YouTube Vimeo or other open web based publishing not accepted

Submit Your Contributions by filling a simple form and uplaod your files here: click now

Here are some topics to start with:

  1. Your personal experience video
  2. Reflecting change: Now Vs Then Turning
  3. Point your personal memory
  4. What I loved most
  5. The most inspiring story during pandemic
  6. My professional life- remote working hues and blues
  7. My online classes – teachers
  8. My online schools – for students
  9. I missed – school building and cheering for my friends, movies, outdoor games, shopping, travelling….
  10. Life in quarantine or interviews of those impacted by the coronavirus
  11. Any touch point or experience or memory of NexSchools can also be sent in a video format.
  12. Create a stunning flip ebook Reliving your life memory in online flip eBook sounds like a wonderful idea! What if we say it is interactive and engaging and you could create eBook for special memories of 2020 or your preschool or school life or online class or that fun trip that still lingers on in memory lane, why not one for that campus fun and university reunion too. Learn more
    t is fully automated so you need no design skill all you need is your photos and it will be ready in minutes.

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