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Cyber Warrior Student Ambassador Course

Do you have passion to make a difference in Cyber Space? Do you have gusto for Cyber Safety?

Do you want to be a change maker for Happier & Safer Internet Experiences?

Join NexSchools Cyber Warrior Student (CWS) Ambassador Certificate course.

  Become An Ambassador today! Earn your badge

Learn and help others understand the risks of their online behaviour, you play a key role as Cyber Warrior  Ambassador in protecting them, their reputation, school reputation and above all building a positive digital society.

Take a training to learn as simple as sharing post online, suggesting your friends change their privacy on Facebook or involvement in cyber related awareness, we would love to have you on board.

Register your interest today to be a part of our next Ambassador program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to become Ambassador?

Anybody who is 8 years old and above and has a curiosity with passion to empower self and others around for cyber safety.

What is the duration of the course?

The course comprises 6 to 8 hours of live online session and continuous online support with tips, ideas and resources. Our ambassadors from middle school have also taken level 1 and level 2 courses to understand deeper, hands-on-experience with tools and digital media literacy skills. There are enormous possibilities to drive and lead as change maker.

Is the certificate course paid?

Yes, the certificate course is nominally charged to keep the program sustainable.

How can Ambassadors make a difference in his/her school?

The trained ambassadors can take a lead by implementing extra curricula and club activities in their school. NexSchools provides lots of ideas and resources. The member schools of NexSchools also support Ambassadors in implementing such activities.

What are other benefits of becoming CWS Ambassador?

Each CWS Amabassador will get a lot of opportunity to get training from experts in future with deep discount or free

Each CWS Ambassador will develop tramwrk and communication skills and will also learn about leadership.

Opportunity to share and network with CWS Ambassador across the country and create a positive environment in school and community.

Over  50K people joined us in October 2020 across India. Help us make bigger 2021 Safer Internet Day and even bigger success by becoming an Ambassador.

How can school get involved?

It is a great opportunity for schools to work with students to educate, empower them to lead safer internet campaigns and help create a positive environment in schools and communities. If your school wants to be a part of this campaign then do not hesitate to contact us.

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