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Schools play an essential role in cultivating well being especially in children and building an environment conducive to enjoyable learning. Such schools can be regarded as “Happy Schools”

It is our sincere effort to bring the happiness quotient in schools. There is a framework to measure happiness in societies but there is no specific framework to measure happiness in schools. It is highly essential for an education system to produce skilled and successful individuals with a happy state of minds. PISA recognised happiness for the first time in 2012 and that is why included happiness in their survey.

Findings of PISA 2012, “ The fact that higher performing countries have a larger share of unhappy students than lower performing countries indicates that being happy does not ensure better performance or conversely, higher achievement does not guarantee happiness amongst students.”

“India ranks 118th out of 158 countries in UN’s World Happiness Index which is at a very low level.”

There is a mountain of evidence and studies that drive the mantra of parents’ voice matters and it is high time school acknowledges parents as one of the important stakeholders. But unfortunately little research exists in India about how parents perceive schools, are they happy with the schools. Help us in understanding by taking the survey.

Why survey?

We believe the fastest way to school improvement is to identify and address problems. What better way than to participate in a survey to understand the issues that will help you to take forward in the school improvement. Our surveys have been designed to support you in the journey of parenting. Bring to the forefront the common emerging concerns faced by parents so that leaders can identify the specific issues and work to improve them.  It is an initiative to support the parents’ concern which can be taken up during PTA or with school management. It will give you much needed support in bringing the voice of parents in numbers. This will let your school in identifying specific issues.

Help us in helping you parents "Your Voice Matters"  most. 

Share this with maximum parents in your school and city so we can understand the bigger picture. Share it with the hashtag #ParentsVoiceMatters

  • It is very crucial to understand the well being of learners in the schools.
  • The key aspects between the relationship of parents, school and students
  • To understand what parents think about their school
  • It will support strategic plans for the future
  • Parents View – Now more than ever school heads, founders and corporate run chain of schools management need to understand their school’s effectiveness by building parental capacity.

Principal Areas of Survey

You will complete your survey in 5 minutes. There are approximately 45 questions to cover five principal areas:

  1. School Environment
  2. Communication
  3. Safety
  4. Learning and Teaching Quality
  5. Perceived Barriers in Schools

PS: It is a Google Form survey, please sign in with your Gmail account.
If it doesn't work here you can take survey by going directly to Google Forms

About the Survey

This survey is conducted independently by www.NexSchools.com to understand the parent’s concerns with parent’s viewpoint and understanding the satisfaction of parents from the private school education. 
This survey is not intended to rank the schools under any parameter.
Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Individual respondent is not identified. The details submitted will help in the data analysis and understanding the bigger picture. We will email you the results 
in the email.

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