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HundrED Calls for Innovative Education Solutions to Address Global Challenges

Contributed by Mradula Singh, Global Collection Ambassador 2025 & Academy Member HundrED

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In the ever-evolving world of education, where progress is crucial and change is constant, organizations like HundrED become more than just entities; they are like guides illuminating the path of innovation and transformation.

HundrED, a global education organization, doesn't just search for new education ideas; it sparks a movement to revolutionize the way we learn. By tapping into the collective wisdom of its global community, HundrED discovers and amplifies the most inspiring education innovations, providing a nurturing environment for impactful solutions to flourish.

HundrED, a global education organization, is seeking the most impactful and scalable education innovations from around the world for its 2025 Global Collection.


Submission Deadline

The deadline to submit your education innovation for consideration in the HundrED Global Collection 2025 is May 1, 2024.

HundrED's mission is to identify and amplify educational practices that are making a real difference in the lives of children. They believe that every child deserves the opportunity to flourish, and that innovative approaches to education are key to achieving this goal.

What is HundrED Looking For?

HundrED is looking for education solutions that are:

  • Making a Measurable Difference: The innovation must have been implemented for at least one year and demonstrate a positive impact on students, schools, or communities.
  • Scalable: The approach should be adaptable and have the potential to be implemented in a variety of educational settings.
  • Addressing Critical Issues: This year, HundrED is particularly interested in innovations that address sustainability, inclusive education, financial literacy, and student voice.

Focus Areas for Global Collection 2025

This year, HundrED is particularly interested in innovations that address:

  • Sustainability: Equipping students with the knowledge and skills to tackle climate change.
  • Inclusive Education: Closing the gender gap in education and ensuring all students have access to quality learning opportunities.
  • Financial Literacy: Empowering students to navigate financial landscapes and make informed decisions.
  • Student Voice: Encouraging student participation and fostering a sense of ownership in their education.

What Makes an Innovation Stand Out?

HundrED is looking for impactful and scalable solutions that have demonstrably improved some aspect of the educational ecosystem. The innovation must have been implemented for at least one year with its target audience. Impact can be measured in various ways, such as changes in student outcomes, economic benefits, or social change

How to Apply?

Educators, entrepreneurs, and organizations working in education are all encouraged to submit their innovations for consideration. The application process is open until May 1, 2024.

More information and submission guide Global Collection 2025 

Visit HundrED website

Why Apply?

Being selected for the HundrED Global Collection is a prestigious honor. It provides innovators with a global platform to share their work and inspire others. Selected innovations will be featured on the HundrED website, presented at the HundrED Summit in November, and shared with a network of leading education stakeholders

Don’t Miss the Submission Deadline: May 1, 2024.

Join the HundrED Movement

Do you have an innovative education solution that is making a difference? Share your work with HundrED for a chance to be featured in their prestigious Global Collection.

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