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School Assessments Made Simple With AI

Think of your students’ assessment in a completely new way with the integration of AI in everyday classroom learning. The solution by PePStudy will change the way teachers teach and a tool that will empower the principals and teachers in a way never imagined.

Assessments can provide you with information about learning that isn’t possible to find in any way. Assessments also play an important role in order to better students’ learning needs, helping the teacher know what they know, do not know and how those gaps can be filled.

So where to start? Learning about creating a good assessment, personal attention to students as per their learning curve, all is overwhelming and tedious.

Imagine an AI  based assessment becomes your assistant in taking away most of the manual work such as setting the paper, providing the results and above all deep analysis with Artificial Intelligence technology in identifying the academic gaps at the micro level that is within a chapter deep down in each topic. PepTest is doing exactly this for the teachers and helps the school leaders and principals in understanding the learning outcome of each class and each teacher as well.

When it comes to personalised learning in schools we often refer to as jargon hovering in every education summit or conference rooms. The ongoing assessments can work wonders for our students both academically and personally. The continuous assessment process that we see today either doesn’t reflect in the learning outcome as evident from various research.

Understanding the challenges and enormous opportunity to improve the assessment system PepTests was launched under PepStudy.com. You’ll be amazed that PePTest has added features to tackle the real problems of personalised learning in schools with large class sizes. The Co-Founder of PepStudy Indeevar Varma says that every school he went to had the same question to begin, “The class size is too large, how can a teacher give individual attention to each child? Our journey of reflection began from there and we never looked back.” He adds, “You don’t have to give an excuse of a large class size, how can one teacher take care of 40 children and so forth.”

The PepStudy provides you easy to use features that help in identifying as deep as topic level gaps, pinpointing exactly where to put in more effort and which topics are conceptually mastered by student. Such insights are available for teachers and principals and students through the dashboard.

The teacher will know the gaps along with the student and so will the  parents who are equally involved.  The preparation time for the PTM for each child also gets decreases drastically.

Assessments help the teacher determine what to teach, how to teach and in the end, how effectively is has been taught. Most of the time how effectively it has been taught takes the back seat in the way of term end assessments alone. What if there is a tool that gives you exact gaps in each topic and chapter? PePTest is tool that will enable the assessments more effective for students, it takes away tedious tasks from teachers and school can have exact data points with Artificial Intelligence to know whats working in each class and what’s not.

What is PepStudy?

PepStudy School Asessment Tests for K12 school, CBSE Schools Online Asessment Test

A classroom based MCQ tests platform for grade 6th to 10th class students. PepTest conducts the test, provide results and deep analysis with Artificial Intelligence technology.  It helps a student identify the gaps in grasping concepts. The AI-based results of the online tests pinpoint the exact topics. It bridges the gap in learning and works as an effective feedback mechanism.

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Syllabus: CBSE (NCERT)

Classes: 6 to 12th

Test Pattern: MCQ & Subjective (coming soon)

Subjects: Maths, Science & Social Science

Tests in a year: Minimum 3 times - Max 6 times

Users: Students, Teachers & Principals.

Support: Full Academic Year

Content: Proprietary content embedded with HOTS Taxonomy

What does it mean for the school?

PepTest operate as per the guidelines of the CBSE board. It is not one time solution. It guides students and teachers on academic progress consistently throughout the year.

“It gives a bird’s eye view to the school principals about the learning progress of students from every classroom and subject.”

Ease of Analysis With Single Dashboard

The dashboard access all principal or school head needs to analyse overall performance of the class and each teacher. You can forget about scanning through multiple sheets, scrolling multiple staff members’ reports and data sheets when you start using online assessment. Everything is in one place available easily with a single dashboard.

The Artificial Intelligence Advantage (AI)

The exact data points with artificial intelligence report and analysis give a school heads up on top-performing classes along with schools’ academic performance chart. The reports are neatly broken down to analyse the core values of the assessment. The reports are useful to visually analyse student’s a performance against their class, state as well as national level.

Eases Workload of Scanning And Scrolling

A detailed class-wise and subject-wise analysis ease the work load of monitoring the progress of each standard and section.

Advantages Of Continuous Assessment

A quick assessment or assessing students’ knowledge of the more complicated subject matter, PepStudy remains suitable. Ready to use expert tests help in the continuous assessment process, a teacher or coordinator saves a lot of time in framing these tests therefore each chapter and topic can be assessed at ease. Schools can reap many benefits attached to continuous assessment which helps in effective learning outcomes for students.

Assessments Are Prepared By Experts

The tests are prepared by experts as per core values of learning- application, critical thinking and High Order Thinking Skills. Besides the topic, the AI reports points out the conceptual learning gaps based on the core values. For example, Rahul scores less in a particular test, the PepTest will break the test scores in an exact area he needs to work whether it is critical thinking or application of the concept. The teacher can choose the exact remedial approach to work on Rahul and other students in his class in this area. This leaves no child behind and every child gets equal attention.

Parents Teachers Meeting Would Be Meaningful

Most teachers provide feedback of the students to parents in two words, “talkative” or “good”. Talkative is for an extrovert child and good stands for an introvert child.

This is because most of the time in a big class size, a teacher doesn’t recall what the child does in the class academically except for the term answer sheets.

The automated systems and AI based reports ease the work of the teachers by charting out the learning curve and talking to parents more confidently. She knows what she can’t observe in a class, it puts her in the position where she can add insights and action based feedback for improving learning.

Made For Teachers

Easy to use Teacher Online Asessments, School online Tests Creator AI Platform, Low cost Online asessment for teachers, princiapls, schools, Middle school, high school , baord exam student

Designing and applying authentic assessment tasks in a classroom lesson and preparing lessons takes a lot of work for teachers. One time tests limit measures of student learning of content and skills and teachers fail to understand which student lacks in grasping a particular topic or lesson.

Keeping in mind the front load of enormous tasks of the teachers Indeevar Varma,  Co-Founder of PepStudy said, “We have taken special care to design the teachers’  dashboard to show the performance of class and students in all subjects as a class performance report. Teachers can monitor the progress and abilities of each student in their class and work on their improvement.

The ease of using it requires no special technical skills for teachers and reports are not overwhelming to analyse as well.

Teachers are able to provide timely, actionable insights into their students.

Students At The Center

PepStudy.com Online Asessment Tool for CBSE K12, India, Student Benefits with AI Asessment PepStudy, PepTest , Clasess 6 to 12

Continuous assessment and micro level feedback is the major concern of the parents. By using PepStudy teachers know the exact learning gap in the assessment process.

The complaint of every parent is sorted out about personalised learning. Most parents do not complain that they hardly receive feedback to improve their child’s learning. The parents at home as a result know what should be the focus area to improve learning on a continuous basis so are the students.

Students get personalised learning and help them to become independent learners with PepStudy

PepStudy provides recommended questions; intervention feedback through AI on a question to question and pinpoints the learning gap in four core areas – skills, understanding, knowledge, or application. Now students know exactly what are the strengths and where they have to put in more effort. It starts building the foundation for the most needed skill for 21st -century independent learners.

The app is very helpful for board classes where academic rigor takes the toll on students emotionally as well. With so many students, the teacher and students both remain clueless about the learning gaps till pre-board exams, it gives little time for students to bridge the gaps. The pressure of boards as the only benchmark for college admissions is leading to mental health problems, fear and stress for exams among our middle to high school students.

The earlier the students know how they are progressing against the students in not just school but at the city or state or national level. The rankings make students better prepared to be able to choose the career of their choice in the future based on abilities and interests. PepStudy provides progress reports and analysis of student's rank at city, state & India level.

Online assessment platforms are serving as a great support system for schools as they are increasing the strength of the students and swelling class size whether it is during the online school or going back to normalcy post COVID-19 pandemic.

It has been proven by opting for dedicated online assessment platforms every school is saving time and resources while making it stand out creating a real difference in learning.

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