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03Aug 2023

5 Bougie Foods That Are a Must Try

Posted by : Maitreyi Gokhale
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Even if you aren’t a very enthusiastic foodie, I’m sure every one of you loves food. And honestly, who doesn’t? I don’t think anyone can resist a good, wholesome meal such as a plate of hot, steamy rice served with a generous helping of spicy, fiery, tangy curry.

So here is my list of 5 bougie foods which you will surely relish. Fancy but flavourful, they are sure to brighten up the gloomiest of days.

1.     Sushi

Sushi is my all-time favourite food. It is an ancient Japanese dish, commonly found in the South Asian region. Sushi, per se, has a lot of variety. Nigiri, Onigiri, and Maki are a few common types. It is mainly comprised of three elements – rice, veggies, and fish. Sounds too simple? But it’s not! Put together, the components exude a complexity of flavour which you really need to experience. The sticky rice has a hint of acidity because of the vinegar dressing and goes really well with the luscious, silky raw fish.

It is best enjoyed with a dash of some umami soy sauce, which completely elevates the experience. You can also try it with some other sides such as wasabi, pickled ginger, or daikon.

And don’t worry if you’re a vegetarian! There are vegetarian substitutes available, like mushrooms, avocados, cucumbers, and carrots.

2.    Pommes Aligot

Aligot is a traditional French mashed potato dish. The main ingredients of aligot are potatoes, cheese, cream, butter, and some seasoning. I would highly recommend this creamy, soft, gooey goodness to all the cheese lovers out there. The specialty of aligot is its recherché selection of cheese known as Tomme de Languiole or Tomme d’Auvergne.

3.     Caprese salad

Caprese salad is an Italian classic. It is a fallacy to think that salads are only diet foods. They can be quite delectable if prepared well. Although cooked with the simplest ingredients (notwithstanding the exorbitant price of tomatoes), this dish is a hit.

The juicy tomatoes, stringy mozzarella, and piquant seasonings make the salad fresh and pleasurable while the basil and balsamic glaze add finesse and colour. The Caprese salad is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the stomach.

4.    Summer rolls

Summer rolls are a Vietnamese delicacy that is available in a wide variety of options. Pork, prawns, tofu, and fresh vegetables are a few popular alternatives. The outer casing is of thin rice paper, dipped in water to make it soft and malleable. Unlike some other rolls, these are not fried, which makes them healthier and more appealing to the eye. They truly are ‘moreish’!

5.     Panna cotta

This Italian dessert is simply divine. It is gelatinous, delicate, and silky in the best way possible. Enriched with flavours like vanilla, coffee, or chocolate, this classic, sheeny, wiggly dessert is truly gratifying. It can be garnished with crumbles, sauces, or coulis that amp up the flavour of the dish.

So, what are your favourite foods – bougie or otherwise? Do let me know in the comments!



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