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25Jan 2019


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"Beneath the rule of men entirely great, the pen is mightier than a sword."

The famous proverb 'a pen is mightier than a sword' was first written by Edward Bulwar lyllon in 1839.everyone knows that a sword is a sharp edge weapon. But the power of the pen is extremely greater than a sword.

What a sharp edge of a sword can't achive;can easily be achieved with the help of a tiny tip of a pen. A pen is mightier than a sword is not applicable only in our life but also practically. There can be many hidden weapon in a pen. It creats a new idea in you. Many times the pen shares some thing as: if we have to sale a land is to be solved then we have to fill a special and a specific form. Creating a unnecessary misunderstanding between people.

Books are the best companions and books are also the way to the truth. Writting books and inspiring the people creating a new bonunding between the books and the reader. The are attractive and should be valued. A sword cannot create a bounding between two people or things. They break them in pieces and can create a war. The books have power to accomplish the things that are strong. The sharp edge sword can't accomplish but can create a misunderstanding or a person can write,destroy,inspire or create as writters do ,by writting a book.

How would we gibber(talk). Like we send emails, letters,essays,etc. We need letters alphabets to write or talk about a specific topic. Imagine if pen would not be introduced. It can destroy a family, adapted a child,use in bank for safety, etc. We rise this proverb to say that you can solve problems or achieve your purpose bitterness andmore effectively throughcommunication with words and thier is no solutions in wars. Thier are solutons in peace. And not with weapons. A war alwaysends with suffering and loss where as writting inspiring articlesend witha happy ever after. Here is a small poem on pen. -Noon;I swear bywhat the angle write, -When i met you the world bloomed in me, -With flowers far and wide, Ahh of all times you have chosen winter to come, -Its so cold here that i cant even feel my thumb.

-Anugraha Matale Class-6E


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Hi I am Anugraha. I am 11 years old and i study in 6th grade.

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