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23Jan 2019

An Adventure

Posted by : Jindal Vidya Mandir VidyaNagar Mandir
Category : Jindal Vidya Mandir, JSW Township
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Once there was a boy who was very kind, helpful and caring. Once he and his family went to a picnic in the park.


His sister was playing near the river. She did not realize that she was very close the edge of the bank and about to fall. He ran and saved her, but he himself fell in the river. He was so scared of the depth but tried swimming up.


Though he was separated from his family ,he managed to get to an island.  He was very hungry,  he found fruits on the trees. He climbed up the  tree and  ate some fruits. He sat under the tree and suddenly he heared  the sound of the animal. He climbed up the  tree again. Later  he came down and made Raft out of wood swam back, from where he reached the park and went home.


By- Aditya .P

Category : 8- 10 years




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Jindal Vidya Mandir VidyaNagar Mandir

I am Aditya.D I like to write the stories.

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