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25Jan 2019

Can you be an inspiration to yourselves

Posted by : Anusha Kulkarni
Category : Jindal Vidya Mandir, JSW Township
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This is my first blog so I thought let me write something INSPIRING. You might be looking for an inspiration, that's why you have landed here.So why waste time!? go on and read further :) 

Who inspires you the most?? Well, some of you might say Nelson Mandela, or Swami Vivekananda, or Sachin Tendulkar or J K Rowling or your mom/dad or any other person. I used to often wonder, who inspired me?? Well, the answer to this question is ME!  Yes you read that right, its me.

My past accomplishments inspire me for my future challenges. You are the one who can make things happen, there is no denial in the fact that your family, teachers, friends play an important role in your life, and without their help we are nothing. But as it is said, you can lead horse to the water, but you can't make it drink the water. So, it's you who has to work for your success. 

Life is too short for one to keep waiting for an inspiration, the you within you must inspire you to take up challenges and achieve everything you want to, in your life.You are the one who has to rise every time you fall, you are the one who has the power to face all the problems, It's your decision whether to move on or give up. Everything begins with you and so does it end at you.

There are many such situations where YOU have been strong and handled the situation easily, or it might be difficult as well but you still came out that situation by bravely facing it.You might have achieved something which is surely inspire you to work more for the future.     

I aspire to become a person to whom people will look up to, I want to be the hero of my life! If you aspire to become the hero of your life, undoubtedly you inspire yourself. Can you be an inspiration to yourselves???  A big YES!! Why search for inspiration when the fire is within you :)       

By this I don't mean to say that having someone else as your inspiration is wrong, it's absolutely fine. I just mean to say that you can  motivate yourself, you might not need another person for that.


And keep learning :) 


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Anusha Kulkarni

Hello, reader! Thanks for stopping by! So, to introduce myself: I am Anusha Kulkarni. A 16 year old girl, studying in 11th grade in Jindal Vidya Mandir since 9 years! I love listening to music and read books, blogs and articles. I love reading quotes

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