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17Jan 2019

Digital Safety

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Internet has made our lives EASIER in many ways. We now shop online, pay bills, market our businesses and keep up with current affairs in CYBER SPACE.


Internet is also incredibly useful for finding information that would have required a trip to the local library 30 years ago. Need to check out the 12^th game of the 1927 Chess Championship or find something else. We don't need to wait and worry, we get it in minutes with the help of Internet.


Criminals or Hackers are also excited about this wealth of information, because it gives them access to personal details that can be used unlawful activities. Staying safe ONLINE is mostly about being alert to the dangers. I would like to share some tips about being smart on the intenet:


  1. We should not become a victim of identity theft. Thieves only need to collect some information before they have enough to steal your identity.
  2. Secure your passwords. A longer password is more secure than the shorter one. You should not use the same password for everything.
  3. Be safe on the Social Media. Protecting your PIN numbers, passwords, credit card details and banking information is your first priority.
  4. Keep your kids safe online. Keeping children safe online doesn't always mean having about  CONTROL and RESTRICTIONS.
  5. Internet viruses adversely affect your computers. Invest in a top notch antivirus system to reduce future problems. This is particularly important for computers used in running of businesses.
  6. Common internet SCAMS. We could see many scams on internet which make us greedy. We look forward for that and face a big DIGITAL PROBLEM.


This was all about the digital safety. Hope you all are safe digitally.

                                   !BE SMART ON INTERNET!

                                   AVOID THE WORST,

                                   PUT SAFETY FIRST!


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Shreeya R Feb 12 2020 11:19PM

Absolutely, be smart and safe. Good to see you are thinking deeply about digital safety.


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C M International School

HELLO! I am Shriya Sonje from grade 7. I am from CM International School. I will tell you how to be smart on internet

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1512180Absolutely, be smart and safe. Good to see you are thinking deeply about digital safety.U174Feb 12 2020 11:19PM174Digital SafetyC M International School Shreeya R174.jpg
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