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07May 2019

Digitization in Education

Posted by : C M International School
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"Digitization is the integration of digital technologies into everyday life by the digitization of everything that can be digitized"

Yes, digitization is the trending term, describing the 21st century in the most precise manner as possible.

Educational Institutes are adopting digitization almost for each and every task till management of the institute. Use of computer has reduced the manual effort as well as paperwork. It is helping both the teachers and students. Digitization has also helped in collecting fees, admission, maintaining records, etc. It is also helping our country in achieving success over Digital India Project launched by Narendra Modi. The main advantage of digitization over education is that it makes the explaination of educational concepts, interactive and easily understandable because of technologies used for teaching. It can also help in online fees collection, explaination of concepts using technology, etc. 

Digitization over education has many disadvantages too. The initial cost of traditonal to digital transition could be a concern because it uses costly items such as computers, projectors, etc. Internet connection is not available everyhere. It also reduces creativity of students as they get all the answers on Internet and they don't use their minds at all. So to reduce losses we should use less technology so less that they don't be a problem rather than a solution. But it is useful too. Thus our education institutes should adopt technology and 



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