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16Jan 2019

Drift away with your best friend- books

Posted by : Samyuktha Chandrashekar
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The MORE that you READ

The MORE you’ll KNOW


More PLACES you GO.

-Dr. Seuss


True that!  An interesting quote from one of my favorite author that inspires me. A great book is a road to knowledge. I am a book worm who sits with a book all the time. I find reading really interesting. I am fascinated by author’s use of language and vocabulary that creates an effect on me.


Reading helps to imagine beyond my wildest dreams. It gives exposure to different genres and new experiences. Captivated by Enid Blyton’s mysterious and adventurous stories and her series of Malory Towers, am planning to author an adventure story. Oh! How can I forget the Indian author Sudha Murthy – I would say, she is the queen of realistic fiction infusing the flavor of Karnataka’s culture & tradition.


Reading a book will increase our thoughts drastically. It’s a key to writing too. Great writers are voracious readers.


Tired & bored? Jump on your bed and grab a book; forget yourself – enjoy! Reading is not just an entertainment, but a beneficial resource for our body. It lends a hand by developing listening and speaking skills. An amazing exercise for our mind!


Reading was my best friend all the way. It creates endless opportunities to learn. I believe encouraging young minds to read will make a BIG change in everyone’s life.


Let’s treasure reading and share it with everyone!





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Samyuktha Chandrashekar

I am a 10 yr old little blogger who loves to cook, write, read and dance. I am in class 5, studying in Budding Minds International School. I enjoy trying my hands on new and interesting recipes and books to read! I spend a lot of time reading book

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