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24Jan 2019

Eco friendly house

Posted by : Sankalp Prasad
Category : Jindal Vidya Mandir, JSW Township
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This blog is very special for me because I am in the Kannur district of Kerala, to meet a couple who have left behind the ultra modern architecture of the 21st century and made such a house, which has been accepted by The Mother nature with open arms. The walls of this house breath, literally. Even though the outside temperature is 40 degrees you will never need a fan inside this house. Welcome to Hari and Asha's energy efficient and eco friendly house.

The high pollution levels in the cities, more than required usage of electricity and depletion of natural resources are contributing significantly to global warming.And this situation is indirect conflict with Mother Nature. But there is only one aim of the couple that lives in God's own country Kerala, which is to preserve Mother Nature. 

Hari works in the local water authority in Kannur. And Asha gives guidance to local farmers, to practice natural farming. The love for nature that the duo shared became the reason for the couple's union as a whole. They married in 2007.They have made their house of dreams eco friendly and named it 'Nanu'. The home of harmony. Roughly 6 years ago, this house was constructed in an area of 960 square feet. The total material cost of this house is RS. 50,000. The labour cost came to around 2.5 lakhs. The total cost of making the house came to be around 4 lakhs. Can you imagine? There are very less light points in warehouse because the house  was designed in such a way that the natural light is sufficient to give enough radiance. They have also installed 6 units of solar panels, they have also made a natural fridge, due to which their monthly electricity usage is only four units. Now don't mistake by thinking that this couple always practices old traditions. For your kind information, just like the normal urban houses they use electronic appliances. These appliances run with the help of solar energy. They don't have gas connection in their houses because they recycle the waste produced by them to produce Biogas which in turn they use it for cooking purposes. The fertilizers produced from biogas are used in farming. Amazing! Mother nature will take care of you if you take care of her. This is the best way to maintain personal hygiene.

The spirit with which this Indian couple adopted the natural way to meet their modern needs, that is indeed great. Why don't we too get closer to nature and lead a simple and a healthy life?


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Sankalp Prasad

Hi! I am Sankalp, from Jindal Vidya Mandir studying in class 11. This blog might seem you very interesting only if you read it from full concentration and heart. If you want to lead a happy and healthy life, this blog is for you.

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