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18Aug 2019

Effective Parenting

Posted by : Shweta Nirulkar
Category : NexEd Teachers Bloggers 2019
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The biggest assets for any parent are their children. Nowadays the word parenting is in
fashion. The word parenting includes mental, emotional and physical bonding of a child with his/her parents.
Earlier also parents were taking care of their children but now the scene is different.
Most of the families are nuclear and both the parents are working. Because of their busy
schedule they don't get time for their family ....to overcome this guilt some parents provide
their children materialistic things. But I think instead of that they should take out some
quality time for their children. Nowadays because of oversensitive parents towards their
children, children are not able to cope up with the competitive world which leads to
stubbornness in them. Parents want to give good education to their children but only
providing high education is not enough...Nowadays the scenario is changed. The challenges have increased...competition is more......People are more stressed, which leads to deteriorating life style, diseases, stress, troubled relations.
Hence the children should be moulded in a proper way to cope up any situation in a positive and a balanced way. Children should be taught the basic life


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