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12Oct 2019

Every DROP Counts

Posted by : Samyuktha Chandrashekar
Category : Kids Blog- 11-13 years
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Who knows when the zero-water day would loom in Chennai? No one knows when - but it’s going to happen soon. Rains were sporadic, the past year; ground water is depleting in large amounts and there is very little left.

The people in Chennai have been receiving water from Jolarpet & few other places! We would all know that the Cape Town experienced zero water day. I was surprised to understand about the various ways they tried to overcome it and of course, their efforts payed off! Many industries and its companies have been shut down because of the decrease in the amount of water. Schools encourage children to bring their own water from home for drinking. Hotels provide water only when we ask for.

Why did this happen? Let’s not just blame the climate, weather and Government; people are misusing the water every day. We humans would realise the need of water only while its not available. Few months ago, my family too suffered water scarcity as the ground water had completely dried. Since the water suppliers could not meet the demands of all the people, the cost of water increased drastically.

There are few ways which would help us overcome this scenario. Ground water harvesting is an easy method to conserve more water. Planting more trees, afforestation and taking part in cleaning the lakes and ponds around our area would be the effective ways to bring rains and store them. Thanks to the NGOs who are really thoughtful in organizing such programs. It’s time for all of us to take a small step towards water conservation that would create a very huge impact in future.

Let’s remember ‘Each one of us are RESPONSIBLE’.

Let’s do a bit about it as its rightly said ‘A small drop makes mighty ocean’

- Repair leaking taps

- Never leave running taps unattended

- Use of bucket of water instead of a shower.

- Water plants at the cool time of the day

- Don’t leave the water running while brushing or shaving.

- Switch to low-flush toilets

- Install water efficient shower heads for taps.

- Reuse the waster water from RO purifiers.

- Set up automatic water controller for our overhead tanks to avoid overflowing of water.

The recent spells in few parts of Chennai has brought in a sigh of relief among the Chennaites. Let’s hope it continues! “WE NEVER KNOW THE WORTH OF WATER UNTIL THE WELL IS DRY”


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Samyuktha Chandrashekar

I am Samyuktha a 11 year old girl studying in Budding Minds International School.I love to read,sing,dance and blog.

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