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21May 2019

Every Decision Is Just A Bend And Not The End

Posted by : Dr Anshu Arora
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Every decision is just a bend and not the end

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both.

I took the one less travelled by,

And that has made all the difference.

(Robert Frost)

These immortal lines, I feel have been written for me! I walk to the window, thinking about the poem and its relevance in my life. Yes, my life with innumerable twists and turns. Lost in my thoughts, I look out of the window and see the tall Gulmohar tree with its boughs fluttering in the breeze. I've seen it grow, rather we have grown together. I fondly remember playing around the tree with my brothers. That was indeed a long time ago. But since then, the tree has been a part of my life, my heart and my existence. Every bough has a secret etched on it. It has been my best friend and has heard me in sheer silence.

I was born in a Marwari family which is typically wrapped in traditions and orthodox. Girls in those times were groomed to be efficient homemakers who would do everything to keep their families happy. But I guess, I was extremely lucky that the anchor of my life - my father, had a clear vision and had dreamt of seeing me break all barriers and emerge a winner in my chosen field. I was encouraged from the very beginning to open my wings and fly in the vast expanse above. What days were they! I could not really comprehend why I was made to work so hard or why I was asked to read the works of great philosophers and thinkers and draw inspiration from them when the girls of my age would play all day long. But as I grew, my bonding with my father grew more profound and as I understood him, I also understand his mindset and his broader perspective.

My name flashed at the sixth position in the all-India list for admission in Hotel Management. The glamorous Hospitality Industry was luring me into its inviting arms. I clearly remember my mother heaving a sigh of relief and my father a bit perplexed about my chosen field but they were resting assured that my ambition would be fanned by the wings of modern education. Well, let me share with you a well-guarded secret that it was just after six days in the campus when questions started badgering my mind. "Is this my calling?” I felt as though I was walking in a dark tunnel not knowing where it would lead to. I could not share my doubts at home, so I pursued the course laboriously and topped the institution but was sure that I would never work in the hotels. I faintly remember during a discussion on careers with my close group of friends, when asked which department would I join, I had retorted, "I would rather go and teach in a school." Now I realise that the passion for teaching is something I had subconsciously inherited from my father who was a renowned professor in his time.

The next milestone in my life was at twenty when marriage came knocking my door, a usual trend in a Marwari family. Marriage too brought its share of responsibilities and jubilation. I marched on with panache expanding my horizon and keeping all in my fold, safe under those sturdy wings accepting all that life had to offer. Life took a new beautiful turn when soon I had my adorable babies in my arms. Life seemed full, my hands were full. I enjoyed every bit of motherhood but then questions from nowhere puzzled me day and night. The questions began to challenge my identity.

Whenever I would long for the answer, I would go to the same window and watch my Gulmohar. The tree had matured. It was stable and had borne many red blossoms and was giving shade and tranquillity to the heavy bands of people. How serene it had become. It was truly my inspiration. I too wanted to follow its path. But how? I soon found my answer when DAV Public School gave a new dimension to my life. Surpassing a few required qualifications, they offered me a job. They must have thought the dame could charm the kids into learning Computer Science which was the basic need for a primary teacher; hopefully, I lived up to their expectations.

But at the same time, I lost the pillar of my strength- my father. I felt I was uprooted yet I had to survive by adapting, adjusting and allowing my roots to uncoil.

My decision to teach also brought a lot of challenges on the professional front, being untrained and ill-equipped topped the list. So, I decided to debug and correct the basic code of my resume and add more to my hard disk. I studied numerous computer languages. I evolved with every new learning and subconsciously took up more and more responsibilities. Later, I moved and joined the Ryan International School. Seeing my passion for my subject and love for my students, I was promoted, first as the head of the department and later as the senior supervisor. Though coy and unsure, I lead from the front. I gave my heart and soul in understanding my students and left no stone unturned to help them lead lives of significance. But my journey had something else in store for me. Life is so unpredictable, isn't it? When you feel that you have found what you are looking for, it puts you on another road and gives it another direction.

That challenge was the offer to head Bal Bharti School. I withered and then grew new leaves as I realised that if I wanted to do more for the children, I had to equip myself further. I became a master trainer with CBSE for the conduct of workshops for teachers and Principals. I was lauded as the Indian representative at the BETT Asia leadership summit. It was followed by a PhD research in ‘media habits of school children'. I was also awarded the prestigious CBSE teacher award... https://youtu.be/bA-ZD5LCBXs. The opportunities of Interacting with children gave me a new high and a sense of purpose in life. At this time, I also authored ‘Comptitude' a computer book series for classes I – VIII. I also discovered my yearning to indulge in fiction writing. So, I penned ‘The School Tales' and ‘Say Bye to Goodbye' (a nostalgic tale of college days and beyond!) -https://notionpress.com/read/say-bye-to-goodbye/. I felt settled and happy in my realm where I could help my fledgelings fly and paint the sky in varied hues. I also have the indomitable spirit to fight for causes. My blog www.pleaforjustice.blogspot.com explicitly unveils my single-handed struggle to bring care to the mentally challenged brother of a martyr. In all this, my spouse, my children, my family both personal and professional stood steady like a bedrock and supported me wholeheartedly.

Perhaps, change is the only constant thing in life and thus life presented an even wider expanse. This opportunity came in the form of Amity International School, a name synonymous with excellence in education. This incredible institution truly embellished my leadership qualities and deemed me able to help students unleash their inner potential and become holistic global citizens.

A shrivelled and bent tree that is full of fruits and flowers has a deep desire for all its parts to be used for humanity at large. I also wish for the same and want to reach out to innumerable children in my lifespan. My profile lists me as an administrator, educator, writer and speaker but I feel that I am and will always remain a learner…


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Dr Anshu Arora

Dr Anshu Arora, CBSE awardee & Principal of Amity International School, Gurugram has over 25 years of teaching & administrative experience in prestigious institutions like DAV, Ryans & Bal Bharti. She also mentored another branch of Bal Bharti School

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