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25Jan 2019

Friendship Goals

Posted by : Mohamad Argiansyah
Category : Islam Cendekia Cianjur Indonesia
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For me, a great friendship must have a certain purpose. Simply, friendship that doesn't bully others.

Bully is an aggressive and negative behaviour of a person or a group of people repeatedly by abusing an imbalance of power to hurt the victims mentally, physically or even sexually Rayner, C. (2001). Evn thethreat is done once, but if you make the victim feel permanently scared, it is also bullying.

Bully consequences:

• Someone who become victims have a greater tendency to suicide, depression, trauma and drug abuse.

Children who are either perpetrators or victims tend to develop hostility compared to other children who tend to show symptoms of diabetes and future attacks.

• Children who in their childhood are perpetrators and show bad behavior at school such as smoking and using drugs in the future.

Bully Example:

• Physical form: hitting, slapping, tearing, pushing, pinching, scratching, etc.

• Verbal form: cursing, slandering, mocking, threatening

• Psychological: intimidating, isolating, ignoring and discriminating

A. If we are victims potential to be, what we have to do:

1. Find your BFF

what is BFF? BFF is Best Friend Forever.you know what, Bullyer will find a weak person to be their victim. a weak person will ease them to discharge their emotion to others. BFF will always by our side and never let anyone get us down. So find one!

2. You are not alone

Again, bullyer really likes weak person especially when they are alone. if you are feel alone, find someone who always listen to you, it could be anyone, teachers, counselor teacher, homeroom teacher or your classmate.

3. Never Give Up

If you cry, it indicated that you are already giving up. Doing revenge is not solve the problem, even moving out from your current school, it is not solve any problem. They would happy, the bullyer would feel as a winner if you giving up by crying, doing revenge or even moving out to another school, and I am pretty sure you would not let that happened!

B. If You are Potential to Be a Bullyer

first of all I wanted to start is with a questuon WHY?

why you wanted to Bully others? are you the smartest? are you the most gorgeous person in this world? or are you the richest person among our galaxy, Milky Way?!


I hate to say this, but, supposedly you never have a reason for bully others!

how to avoid to Bullyer potential to be:

1. Spiritually Strong

If you believe and in to one of a religion, I trully beleve that there is no one relligion who taught us about bully. Believe it and hold it tight on your heart that being an annoying person by bully others will influence our personality, in a negative side.

2. Do Not Make Friends


HAhah it is not as what you think.
I mean, you do not make friends with people who seemed to be bullyer potential to be. It vould be seen by their attitude, example, they who always bodyshaming to others, namecalling by others' parents name or changing their names with animals kind of name.


it is terrible.

Do not keep by yourself if you are a victim, Do not be the one who bullies others!


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Vaishnavi Kulkarni Jan 10 2020 4:07AM

Great blog!


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