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02Aug 2019

From a Reader to Books

Posted by : Rajlakshmi Mali
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Has anyone of you ever thought what would life have been without books? Yes, books of knowledge as we call them. Now a days everything is ready online. If we want something we just need to type on our keypad and woohoo google does it all!! But what we are all forgetting in all this, is the times when we really had to issue a book in a place called library where we could literally walk on the floors with roots inbuilt with books, or smell that old vintage fragrance coming out of it. Watching some books inclined on their memories of new and crisp being, leaning on the edge of modern life forgotten by new beings. So here's something little from a vivid reader to all those fragile volumes.

'To all the worn out books, novels,breviary, volumes, epics, prose, poetry’s, anthologies..
I appreciate your existence in our lives. You kept us intact with your knowledge and moulded us in fine pieces that this world yearns for. Your continuous striving nature to make us strong by thoughts, led us to what we are today. The way you smeared old vintage fragrance upon your pages, changed our taste in perfumes. You deprived our loneliness by being there always.
Sometimes carrying you was very hectic, but still you made way by imparting knowledge with technology (e-books). We missed you then!

How often you must have felt proud of us , when our happy faces spoke all,while looking at you deeply. You made us happy!
Today again , when I entered your world you grabbed my soul and mind which brightened up my dull face with your old-dust-smeared look. I loved you then too!
Thank you for being part of this world and giving each one of us chance to prove our talent and knowledge into this competitive world with materialistic outlook. I still cherish you, right from “twinkle twinkle little star” to “paradise lost volumes”. My chest is filled with pride to see this dynamic change. Well, change is constant, right?'


Your’s little reader.


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