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26Jul 2020

Futuristic Spaceship

Posted by : Akshobhya Sapre
Category : Kids Blog- 11-13 years
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Some people ask me what I would like to invent. Hmmm…It is a very good question…what I’d like to invent? Well, I have thought of many things to invent, but one of them is: to invent a multi- usage ship. No, seriously, I will !!!

I have many plans already, about where it can fly and till what time it can stay in the air…and whether it can also go underwater! So, make yourself comfortable in an armchair, and I’ll explain all its features….

So, basically “multi- usage” means it can do multiple things at a time. This means that it can go in space, and it can also go in water, also on land too. It will have an electrical engine that uses electric fuel at the back of the ship. It is also a waterproof engine, as it as two giant exhaust holes at the back. There will be two solar panels on the roof to provide energy to the engine. There will be oxygen tanks, just in case. Oh yeah, and the ship will be at least the size of a bungalow. The body will be made out of recycled dry waste, in the color of white. This will reduce pollution and help the environment from the threat of piling up garbage and help the earth to heal.

The interior is going to be just as fascinating as the exterior. A large automatic-opening door will separate the control room from the living room. The living room will have a TV floating in mid-air (yes, mid-air!) in front of a wide 6-seater sofa. There’ll also be a bed, also floating in mid-air, with all these fancy controls for adjusting your pillow, the hardness or softness of the mattress, or even to play music or video games! There will also be a bookshelf for readers.

Now comes the room we’ve been waiting for, the control room. The control room consists of chairs that are like recliners, only thinner. The control panel has a lever to take off in the air. It also has those futuristic steering wheels and a button to transform into a submarine. There is a navigator for strange objects or planets, too. When normally flying in the air, the ship has 2-meter long wings and there is a tiny bullet-shooter at the end of each wing and  a laser-shooter on the roof. I decided to add them as there will be many spaceships in the future, and you never know who might be out there. There is a special lever to adjust the position of the shooters and a button to fire on the control panel.

Now, when under water, the ship’s exhaust holes shoot air, which they take from the oxygen in the water. The position of the exhaust holes can be adjusted by the steering wheel. The shooters can shoot under the water, too. The ship can dive up to 2000 meters under the ocean, and the navigator can detect certain dangerous sea animals. For scaring them away, an extra shooter will appear under the ship. This shooter will send balls of air at the sea animals, which will not harm them, but will drive them away. The ship can also float on sea level, and can move forward only if we adjust the holes downwards by moving the steering wheel downwards, of course.

This is going to take a lot of time and a lot of money as well, so I might have to start working now. I’ll try my best, and someday I will finally finish it...wish me luck!!!



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Furqan Sayed Jul 30 2020 6:27AM

Good Luck Akshobhya ?? I am confident you will do it one day and your imagination will become real. Keep it up buddy !


Samir Sapre Jul 29 2020 10:42PM

Akshobhya keep it up .


Girish Paraspatki Jul 29 2020 9:59AM

Excellent imagination and fluid language! Very well written.....has a lot of potential for fiction! Keep up the good work!!


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Akshobhya Sapre

I am a foodie and an avid reader. I like to make my own silly stories.

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