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22May 2016

Greenery Around Me Has Gone

Posted by : Mishti Kalra
Category : Kids Blog-8-10 years
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Green little hill and birds sitting on trees, blue sky and beautiful scene is what I see from window. There is a hill is near my house. It is covered with small bushes and trees. I go to school looking at hill and smile at the sun rising above. 

Sometimes we went up the hill, saw the city from above. During sunset it looked very pretty. Orange sky and lights in the buildings.

But now all the greenery around me has gone. It is the brown color that I see from my window. We go up the hill but not every second day. My mamma says,"it is dusty". I feel sad.
I asked my daddy why is it brown and he says no water around. In the school too teacher said save water because no water in the school.

I know many ways to save water, I use less water to have bath,  to brush my teeth and don't throw water here and there. Mamma taught me to recycle the water, the water she uses for washing vegetable is stored in a bucket and we use same water to plants in our terrace.

I try to save water but still the no water the hill is brown and no greenery around still.



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Mishti Kalra

I am 8 years old, love to read and talk and go for trekking.

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