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21Jan 2019


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The Internet has made our lives easier in many ways. We now shop online, keep in touch with friends, pay bills, market our businesses and keep up with current affairs in cyberspace.

Let’s come back to our point. What does ‘Digital Safety ‘refers to? Digital safety means staying safe online.

Nowadays there’s a lot of crimes happening around not only in a physical world but also in digital world.

Thieves only need to collect a few pieces of information before they have enough to steal your identity. They’re after details like your full name (especially as it appears on your credit card), date and place of birth, email address, physical address (including previous residences), where you do your banking, phone number, employment history, club memberships and even your hobbies.


Here are few tips to stay safe online:

  • Create complex password
  • Boost your network security
  • Use a firewall
  • Click Smart
  • Be a selective sharer
  • Protect your mobile life
  • Practise safe surfing and shopping
  • Keep up to date

 Keep your kids safe online

Keeping your kids cyber-safe requires education, open communication and regular monitoring. Teach them about what you do to ensure your own safety on the Internet. Make them aware of the dangers of chatting online to strangers, the need to verify the origins of emails, and what to do if they think they’ve accidentally downloaded a virus.




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