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01Dec 2022


Posted by : Amruta Dike
Category : Kids Blog 14-18 years
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The world of technology,digitalization,easy acces is the world we live in. Today's teenagers spend hours and hours scrolling on the internet in search of a single filter that makes them look picky. They engage in so many inappropriate actions just to go viral and gain fame. Although India being a technologically modern country, half the youth take it's disadvantage. Step by step we too as the future generations have grown dependent on internet. Even for simplest help, we immediately open google and look out for an answer. Although being a boon it's a bane. Our mental well-being is impacted as much as our physical health when using the social media. 

When students start having frequent mood swings and fights with their elders, it's one of the key indicators that they are having a negative influence on the pupils. Often, the inappropriate behaviour, especially that of teenagers, has the effect of making them too self-conscious and uncomfortable. They consider putting device time ahead of their individual / family time.

As it's said: "United we stand, divided we fall", it's our duty that every one us be it anyone should contribute in this.

Teens who use site-blocking software won't be distracted and maintain consistency. To prevent students from becoming overly captivated with social media, it can be ensured that students only use it when it's essential. 

In addition to parents, schools are quite significant. The curriculum can be made to guarantee that internet usage is restricted to a minimum. To help kids discover their likes and dislikes, pay more attention to their hobbies, and become more aware of their surroundings, more physical activities could be included. It could be made sure that more referring textual sources are used the over media ones. 

Other than the parents and students, one of the best initiatives taken by the students might be having discussions with their mates about their experiences using the media, being open with their parents, and consulting their teachers. As they interact more, kids become more aware of right and wrong and have a better chance of staying on the correct road, even when diverted.

After all, mistakes showcase that we are trying and learning in every step!


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