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25Jan 2019

How do I want to Contribute to the Community

Posted by : Agastya Mitra
Category : Kids Blog- 11-13 years
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Thousands of ploggers made a clean sweep of Bengaluru, in which I was a youngest "Plogger".

Let me take you to my journey of services offered for my community.

On the day of Gandhi Jayanthi, I joined a group of joggers along with my family to run across the Bellandur Lake picking up garbage along the track in our community.

Plogging is a Swedish fitness trend that combines running with picking up litter - a portmanteau of jogging and the Swedish plocka upp, meaning 'pick up’. In whole of Bangalore we cleaned up 34 tonnes of waste while plogging thus helped to cleanse the community and making it to The Guinness Book of World Records!!  

At school I have signed up for Nature’s Club which gives us insight and knowledge of various subjects, one of them being environmental issues. We have gone to a nearby lakes and collected waste. We explored the surroundings to learn about the flora and fauna of the lake and how to take care of our environment keep it healthy and clean. In some classes we performed skits related on topics like “Pollution, Acid Rain and Deforestation etc.

My class buddies and me presented a skit on social cause and chose the theme which we are struggling with day to day in our present lives. We created awareness about how plastics have bad effects on human and our environment; the smallest creatures in the ocean are getting badly affected due to using of plastics which contain chemicals. The plastics clog the drains due to which rain does not reach Mother Earth resulting in flooding and soil erosion. Plastics does not decompose instead emits poisonous chemical gases which is killing people as they are suffering with lung and skin problems and diseases which does not have any cure. The day is not far when we will regret when we will be covered with filth and garbage all over if we do not get aware and take correct measures to control and eventually stop it.

My mission is to create as much as awareness of the impact of pollution on the environment especially to the under privileged children and adults as they are equally if nor more affected by this pollution. I would also like to take my message across to special needs children since they are as much part of the society as us. I plan to do conduct small camps on reuse of plastic waste, terrace gardening and composting. I have already done an awareness session through a radio talk program. I am part of the Reduce Reuse and Recycle campaign where I will be now talking to the roadside hawkers to increase awareness.

We all together pledge to raise awareness and get more and more people involved for spreading the message that all have to join hand to make this planet more greener and cleaner.

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Shreeya R Feb 12 2020 11:10PM

Keep up the good work, looking for more posts from you


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