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23Jan 2019

I wish to be a smartphone

Posted by : Hari Tiwari
Category : Jindal Vidya Mandir, JSW Township
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My wish is to remain with my parents everytime. But both my parents are working and when they come back home from their offices they are always busy with their smartphones. My parents love smartphone more than me, They care about their smartphone so much that sometimes they forget to care about me. When my father comes home from work tired he will spend his time with smartphone but not with me.

When my parents do some important work and their smartphone rings, they will answer it right away but they will not answer me even when I am crying. They play games on the smartphone but never with me. I feel so alone and always want their attention. 

When they are talking to someone on phone, they never listen to me even if I am telling some important. I need their help in doing my homework but they will always tell me to search on Google. At night I will ask my mother to narrate stories but she will tell me to see videos on smartphone. 

I always feel that smartphone is more valuable than me for them. So I wish to be a Smartphone and want to grab their attention day and night and to remain with them 24 hours .


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Hari Tiwari

myself Vaibhav Tiwari from Karnatka studying in class 3. I like dancing, doing maths.

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