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02Dec 2022

Importance of Teacher`s Guidance

Posted by : Kavya Mittal
Category : Kids Blog- 11-13 years
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Teacher’s importance in our life!



Teachers were our inspiration

Teachers were our aspiration

Teachers led us to the best path, showing light

They made us really bright

Teachers were great 

They were full of faith 

They’re angels,

Whom we should be grateful about.

Whom we should be faithful about.

When god created teachers 

He gave us special guides

To show us ways in which to grow

So we can all decide…


These lines might have touched your heart… I’m very sure you are thinking about your teachers. But are these noticed in today’s life? No, right? This could be the reality if we would have the gurukul system alive.


During the gurukul system teachers were treated higher than gods. Do you know why? As teachers were trusted and followed blindly by students and the parents too! Teachers were the only source of knowledge at that time and they used to share every single drop of their knowledge’s ocean.


Gradually , the system changed. Teacher’s value got a bit low as the school system came into existence but they were still valued a lot. I mean a lot! 


But nowadays , it is the opposite. 

Some of the reasons why teachers are not valued are:

1) We , as students, don’t listen to them.

2) The Internet gives us knowledge which has replaced the teachers. Through the internet we don’t get values, do we?

3)Society feels that it is their job,and not something special they do for kids.

Well ,we all are aware of the fact that this is the only profession,  where the teachers are underpaid  for their hard work.Still they teach, as most of them are passionate about imparting wisdom to the growing generation.

So do we really value their thoughts?

Is this JUSTICE? Is this RIGHT? No, it’s obviously not.

We should start valuing our teachers again and make schools a heaven.Ask why? 

So it turns out that we should always respect our teachers.

You know what? I’ll give you some tips on respecting teachers.

  1. Greet all the teachers, even if they don’t teach you.

  2. Always be kind and speak in a polite tone to them.

  3. Always help them.

  4. Obey them.

  5. Listen to their instructions carefully.


At last keep them happy ,as they keep you!


Kavya Mittal , 6A , Cambridge , Wisdom High International School


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My name is Kavya Mittal. I`m a really bright student from Grade 6. I am 11 years old and writing text (Fiction and Non-Fiction both) is my passion.

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