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20Aug 2021

Indian Freedom Fighters

Posted by : Shriyans Ekbote
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On 3 June 1947, Viscount Louis Mountbatten, the last British Governor-General of India, announced the partitioning of British India into India and Pakistan. With the speedy passage of the Indian Independence Act 1947, at 11:57 on 14 August 1947 Pakistan was declared a separate nation. Then at 12:02 A.M., on 15 August 1947 India became a sovereign and democratic nation. Eventually, 15 August became Independence Day for India marking the end of British rule over India.

Many great freedom fighters contributed to the independence struggle, and I want to share some of their stories with you.

Mahatma Gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi mostly venerated as Mahatma, was an Indian lawyer, anti-colonial nationalist and political ethicist who employed nonviolent resistance to lead the successful campaign for India's independence from British rule and in turn inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world.

With the help of Congress, Gandhi ji convinced people for starting the non-cooperation movement in a peaceful way which is the key factor to attain independence. He framed the concept of Swaraj, and it became a crucial element in the Indian freedom struggle.

Some facts about Gandhi ji

  • The country against whom he fought for India's Independence, Great Britain, released a stamp honoring him, 21 years after his death.

  • In 1930, he led the Dandi Salt March, and in 1942, he launched the Quit India Movement during the freedom struggle.

Bhagat Singh

Bhagat Singh was an Indian revolutionary whose two acts of dramatic violence against the British in India and execution at age 23 made him a folk hero of the Indian independence movement. 

Bhagat Singh was involved in two high-profile plots against British authorities in India that helped galvanize the Indian independence movement. In 1928 he took part in a plot to kill the police chief responsible for the death of influential Indian writer and politician Lala Lajpat Rai.

Some facts about Bhagat Singh

  • Although a Sikh by birth, he shaved his beard and cut his hair to avoid being recognized and arrested for the killing. He managed to escape from Lahore to Calcutta.

  • His death sentence was pronounced on 7 October 1930, which he heard with defiant courage.

  • India’s most famous freedom fighter was only 23 years old when he was hanged. His death inspired hundreds to take up the cause of the freedom movement.

Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Bal Gangadhar Tilak born as Keshav Gangadhar Tilak, was an Indian nationalist, teacher, and an independence activist. He was one third of the Lal Bal Pal triumvirate. Tilak was the first leader of the Indian independence movement. The British colonial authorities called him "The father of the Indian unrest." He was also conferred with the title of "Lokmanya", which means "accepted by the people (as their leader)". Mahatma Gandhi called him "The Maker of Modern India".

Tilak was one of the first and strongest advocates of Swaraj ("self-rule") and a strong radical in Indian consciousness. He is known for his quote in Marathi: "Swarajya is my birthright, and I shall have it!".

Tilak helped found the All-India Home Rule League in 1916–18, with G. S. Khaparde and Annie Besant. After years of trying to reunite the moderate and radical factions, he gave up and focused on the Home Rule League, which sought self-rule.

Some facts about Bal Gangadhar Tilak

  • He founded the Swadeshi movement in India. Bombay Swadeshi Stores was founded by Jamshed Tata and Lokmanya Tilak to support the national movement.

  • Tilak started his own newspaper called Kesari.

Jawaharlal Nehru

Jawaharlal Nehru was an Indian independence activist and, subsequently, the first prime minister of India. Considered one of the greatest statesmen of India and of the twentieth century, he was a central figure in Indian politics both before and after independence.

Some facts about Jawaharlal Nehru:-

  • Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's ideology of fighting British imperialism, Nehru joined the freedom struggle.

A socialist by belief, Nehru's ideologies were vastly inspired by the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 and his visit to USSR in 1927. When he became India's first Prime Minister after independence, he modeled the country as a 'mixed economy', taking inspiration from Soviet trip.

I really respect these freedom fighters due to whom we got independence from Britishers. The people of India do not forget the contribution of these great souls and hence, they pay homage to them always and on August 15th we celebrate the victory and sacrifices of the freedom fighters who lost their lives to free our country from the British oppression.

I wish you all a very Happy Independence Day. Jai Hind!


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