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25Jan 2019

Is The Piece Of Paper From School Important

Posted by : Umang Rungta
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Is the piece of paper you get from schools important for your daily bread and happiness ?

In today's society the word education means a lot but does it mean everything? I have heard all people who are unsucessful in academics say 'a piece of paper cannot define my future.' To me this sentence seems right but In many collages and companies all you need to get in is the piece of paper, a certificate of gradutation with good (qualifying) marks but does this help you earning your daily bread? Yes, It does but a man who takes  this path will never be happy in life.

Mark Twain once said 'Do the thing you love the most and you will never have to work even a single day in life' . this applies in real life also as not everybody loves to sit with a blank face in front of a tiny computer doing something he never planned 10 years ago. To my thought people who  have the courage to persue their talents are winners and sucessful in their purpose of life truly as they have utilized their talents and god's gift to the fullest.

People who undestand what they learn in school's and dont notice what is written on that piece of paper are those who are clever and happy. what I mean to say is not that ignoring your learning helps you survive or be happy but what i am trying to convey is that ones abalities cannot be predicted by only seeing a piece of paper. In fact, it is not a neceessity to be educated if you want to succed.

You have examples everywhere. From Steve Jobs and Bill Gates both were collage droupouts but now the world knows them as very sucessful people. It was not the piece of paper which decided their future because they didnt want it to instead they chose to persue their talents, worked hard and succeded. We must pay attention and try our fullest to understand the content which is being thought in class instead of mugging it up.

Mugging things may help you improve your grades but in the long run you will only get depressed and fed up and regret what you did but instead if you understand what is being thought to you then you have better odds in earning your daily bread and being happy.

thank you!


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