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05Jul 2021

Kathak - A Worship For Dancers

Posted by : Akshita Pachori
Category : Kids Blog- 11-13 years
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Dance is an art, it is your cure for happiness and it is a stress buster too. I also dance, it has worked like a therapy during this pandemic. Let me share the nitty gritties of classical and very graceful dance form - Kathak.

There are different forms of dance. Put on your ankle bells as now to know more about Indian classical dances and these are of many types. 

Kathak is one of the eight major forms of Indian classical dance.The term Kathak is rooted in the Vedic term Katha (Sanskrit: Katha) which means story, conversation and traditional tale. Kathak dancers dance to tell the story of the ancient period using different gestures, expressions, very unique eye and hand movements. 

Hold on!  If you thought that kathak is very easy, you are wrong. You have to practice a lot and go through a formal training. We have to take written and practical exams. In written exams, we have to write about all the Mudras and Stuties of God. Whereas, in practicals we have to recite the compositions properly and perform the dance also. Our marks depend on perfection or else be prepared to score less.

There are six stages in Kathak.  I also love to dance Kathak. I have performed solo and group also, now let's talk about my experience in solo and group performance.

Joy In Performing Solo 

I had a great experience in solo dance. Everything should be perfect timing, steps, turns etc. with you being an incharge.

Fun In Group Dancing

The group dance experience was also good. The most important thing is cordination. I have danced in my school and in my dance class. When any dance competition happens I always take part in it with my friends. We have a great time practicing.

So this was my experience, are you also a Kathak dancer, have you ever worn anklet bells? To share your experience with me, comment down below, share, like my blog. Enjoy this lockdown by reading this interesting blog about dance. Stay safe, be happy.

                                Thank you!!!

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Akshita Pachori

Hi, I am Akshita Pachori My hobbies are - dancing, listening to music, playing drums (sometimes), travelling, sketching and painting. This blog is all about my love for Kathak.

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