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06May 2019

Keep smiling and dreaming

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The girl who was born and brought up in the middle class family.  The family was broad minded.  There was a very limited restrictions for that girl. She was a kind of jovial and pure hearted in nature. Her hobbies were dancing, listening music etc.  She was so talkative that always entertain her family friends and the surrounding people with happiness.

At the age of 26, she got married in a conservative family.  It was an arrange marriage.  New family doesn't know the meaning of "Jokes". After entering in the new family she doesn't realize that it would be very difficult for her to get accustomed.  But she tried her level best and thought that with her jovial nature she will make people happy.

But as the days passed it changes a lot.  Everything she lost her smile, her hobbies. One day she asked her husband to continue her job like she used to do before marriage. Husband told "The book and Wife" should keep at home as once they go outside never comes back. She thought from her heart and accepted her husband's words. 

After few years,  now she is a mother of a baby boy.  Her husband started dominating as her mother told him always command over your wife. Now that girl is a lady of 32years. She decide to live and enjoy her life.  She started dreaming that she is going to office. And within a couple of months she got a job and enjoying her life.  So now she decide whatever the years gone in whichever situation she faces, she will enjoy her upcoming days and never stop dreaming and visualize what she wants in life. 
Indeed Never give up a hope!!!


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I am Ananya Kar, teacher at C M International School, Pune. I am very honest person. I like to dance, read lot of books and listen music. I always help others and try my best to solve their problems. I am very emotional person. I am very talkative

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