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25Jan 2019

Life of a Beggars

Posted by : Jindal Vidya Mandir VidyaNagar Mandir
Category : Jindal Vidya Mandir, JSW Township
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Beggars are known to be one of the most miserable people on the earth. The depend on others for the fulfilment of their needs. They are treated badly and are deprived of the basic necessity.

Beggars room around from street to street or sit at a particular place every day begging people to offer them food and money. They are looked down upon, we must ask the girls to work instead of giving them money and encouraging them to beg. Beggars beg for a living, they usually do not have a house to live in.

While some of them stay in slum areas. Many of them are denied entry even at such places they live their lives on the footpath. In the big cities, footpath and road side areas are the only places where they can sleep and live their entire life. During the daytime, the beggars sit on the footpath Asking the Passers-by to lent them food and money. At night they sleep at the same places as they have nowhere to go. Some beggars put  tents on the footpath where they leave their belongings. However the place is occupied illegally. And it is often wrecked by the police. These beggars are once again forced to leave the footpath and They live their life without any roof.

They have to face the adverse effects of heat and cold Which gets even worse during the rainy season. Beggars suffer from illness caused due to exposure to extreme weather. The news of beggars living on the footpath dying due to heat wave, cold and heavy rainfall. They certainly lead a very difficult life. Begging is a cause of concern for the society, like beggars are usually found at the traffic signals, in front of temples and other places. Baggers have to beg for themselves throughout their life.

By : P V S Karthik

Category : 8 to 10 years


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