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22May 2016

Me Myself in the World of Art

Posted by : Deepanshi Singh
Category : Kids Blog 14-18 years
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Sharing with you why I chose to start my blog and what I really love. I am here for the sake of art. I love drawing and painting, it gives me joy to see my creation. 

Let me introduce you about my world of art, with my small effort to fill colours on the paper and make them come alive.

Since my childhood had always loved coloring and drawing, the colours brought happiness to me since beginning. I see art everywhere but now it has crossed boundaries in modern world.
So this blog is about art touching every day life from clothes to pots. I am not trained in any art form it is through my school that I was introduced to art right from preschool like every other child. My school has supported me a lot in this passion.

I have wonderful time in the school, as I am President of Interact Club so it gives me many opportunities to participate in various activities related to art.

Modern Art by Deepanshi

Not boasting but in my small journey which is yet to begin I have won many prizes and have been appreciated at various forums-1st Prize at Melodious Mathematical Poster Making in my school,  3rd prize in Inter School Comic Making Competition Got 4th rank all over India at Vidya Devi Jindal School Hisar and many more.

Friends Forever Painting
It always motivates me to draw and make myself a little more better.

Sketch by Deepanshi

This sketch is one of my favourite as I drew it when I was in 8 th grade.

I am waiting for display of my painting at Bal Bhawan- Fine Arts Gallery, New Delhi. Will share those too. Hope you will be with me in this artful journey.


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Deepanshi Singh

I would like to share the world of art that brings joy and happiness to my life, hope through this blog you will experience the same.

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