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17Jan 2019


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Books are my best friends- not because I’m socially awkward or I’m unable to get human friends. It is because books carry a lot of treasure that no human being has. The treasure of knowledge is the biggest thing that books give us. You can have a friend that is caring and loving, but completely lacking in intellectual side of things.


I just love reading books. I love to read science books, books of adventure, horror, comic, books on real life story. Reading is my hobby that keep me entertained and I never get bored. When I read story books I get into the fantasy world. This has improved by imaginative power.


As Albert Einstein said, 'Imagination is important than knowledge'. An imaginative mind has limitless potential than being knowledgeable.


List of books I read


  • Mysterious Universe
  • Time tunnel
  • Around the world in Eighty days
  • 101 facts about solar system
  • Oceans


Recently I am readingThe FAMOUS FIVE it is very interesting. Sometimes when I read comics or other fairy story I start behaving like the main character of the story and it makes me so happy. Whenever I am stressed out I read books, whenever I am happy I read books, I just love to be around books, whenever I need a friend my book is there with me.


I just want to tell everyone through my blog read lot of books and make book you friend you will be very happy.


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C M International School

I am Mohammed Ali Yaser Shaikh from Cm International School, Balewadi. I love reading books. My books are my best friends for life.

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