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16May 2016

My Dream to be a Skater

Posted by : Priyansh S
Category : Kids Blog-8-10 years
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When I was 3 years, I was very curious to know, how things like skates moved without a motor and how such tiny wheels could be fast enough like scooter and bike?

One day my elder sister got skates on my birthday, yes ‘on my birthday’. I saw the technique when my sister skated for the first time in front of me and was amazed. My question was answered about speed like bikes and scooter and I could also ride them was a fantastic imagination. I started using my elder sister’s skates.  It was easy to stand in them but skating was a much harder job than I expected.  Days after days at the age of 4 I started my trial and error, touching the wall and holding on to furniture at my home, within a month I mastered at least to ride with balance and some speed.  After sometime my dream of flying with speed came true.

Everybody appreciated me as they saw a little boy riding with speed and I was happy. This is how I started dreaming to be a Skater. I love skating and even chose it as my hobby club in school.  I enjoy it a lot.


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Priyansh S

I am third grader now & I love skating. Wanted to tell you how I learnt it.

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