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30Jul 2019

My Journey As A Teacher

Posted by : Jindal Adarsh Vidyalaya JPUC
Category : NexEd Bloggers Contest Preschool 2019
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To begin with I started my teaching career by chance without knowing the real role of a teacher in a student’s life. As usual, how an ordinary teacher thinks that teaching lesson and making students get good marks in the exam is the ultimate and the only responsibility of a teacher, I thought. But slowly when I stepped in the fantasy of a student’s view on teacher, my perception totally kept on changing.

Every student turned me into a new person every day. It gave me immense pleasure when I realized my students wait for me, observe how I smile, like the humble touch, try to imitate my actions, feel proud when I appreciate, feel lonely when I am on leave, ask reason why I haven’t come, take the right to question me and what not. From that day, I had decided my duty as a teacher is indefinable. I can do anything and teaching lesson seemed very basic to me.

My real journey as a teacher took a new turning, I realized that student’s minds are not vessels to fill but a lamp to lit, everything is inbuilt, I need to unlock those at proper time. How to sustain their enthusiasm in all the aspects has become the only motto for me. I started enjoying the children innocence in their speech. I even become child sometime. There are no words to explain the joy with the children. I use to travel in their fantasy world enjoying with them. I started visualizing invisible potentials within them. I started witnessing their emerging creativity in their work. I started looking a good writer, a sportsman, a scientist, a teacher, a reformer, a speaker, an actor etc in them. I started learning from them. They become the source of inspiration, whenever I was at low ebb. I feel like sacrificing anything to make them happy. Childhood comes only for few years, adulthood for the whole life, so I as a teacher feel that their childhood need to be cherished. I believe in the thought that “Happy children learn better”, and I ensure myself that I create such an environment in the class where every child feels happy in their own view. How a field to be fertile before sowing a seed, in the same way the relation between a student and teacher should be fertile. Then whichever learning seed you sow the children definitely pop up independently.

When it comes to teaching, every teacher will be in dilemma about content or character, and to me content without building character is of no use. If a teacher is able to awaken the child’s soul then everything is done, it finds its own path of success. If the students are valued, definitely they do the work of value. I consider each child as a sapling, which is ready to grow into huge, as a teacher my duty is to create an appropriate atmosphere for it to grow. This journey is wonderful with all the unexpected encounters.

I feel children shouldn’t only just observe the world, but they need to meet the challenges…. They must make noise….they are the seed of the change of this society.


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