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08May 2019

My Water vs Our Water

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Common understanding is limited to how water reaches their taps. There is a need to make them aware of the source of water, how it is collected and what it takes to process and transport it to the houses. This is critical to make them understand the value of such an essential resource. 

Once I got into an argument with my neighbour who washes his campus with the water pipe each single day. I got angry, went up to him and told him to use his mind. I told him that he is wasting a lot of water. He angrilly said," It's my water, what's your problem".

We are busy in other issues but we, humans give second thought to the natural resource which may end on future. Experts have already pointed at the possibility of a large scale water war between India and China over the waters of Brahmaputra.

The increasing industrialisation and development works has brought a set of problems, contamination of fresh water source and excessive use by industrial plants has resulted in major vulnerabilities in groundwater reserves across the country. 

Coming back to the conversation with that neighbour. I said,"It's not yours or mine. It's ours." The next thing I know that is, he walked back inside his house without a sign of regret or uttering a word and brought a bucke and a cloth to clean his campus.

"So friends, don't say it's my water, it's ours. Nature has given the right to use everything in a proper manner" 


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