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21Jun 2021


Posted by : Shriyans Ekbote
Category : Kids Blog 14-18 years
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Tennis is a  game which includes strong smashes, fast serves and nail biting finishes and moments. The many legends of tennis are a part of my inspiration who made  me to fall in love with this wonderful game of tennis. Come join me in knowing fascinating history and many and many more 

Interesting history of tennis 

The racket sport traditionally named lawn tennis, now commonly known simply as tennis, is which continues to be played with complex rules. Most historians believe that tennis was originated in the northern France in the 12th century. Tennis is played with tennis ball and a racket. It can be played with four members i.e.- 2 vs 2 which is known as "Doubles" in which there is a category named "Mixed doubles" in which a team has a male and a female player, or it can be also played with 2 members i.e.- 1 vs 1 which is usually known as "Singles". Tennis was mostly popular in France and England and now it is popular worldwide. Major Walter Clopton Wingfield in 1873 invented Tennis and it was called as "Sphairistiké" in which in Greek means "Playing Ball".

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Grand Slams and more 

There are mainly four championships in the game of tennis which are -  Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and Us Open. They are collectively called "Grand Slams”. Every year these championships are conducted, and many new players take part in it and represent their country. Except these there are many more tournaments like Davis Cup, ATP Tour, BNP Paribas Open, WTP Finals. Every year a player yearns or wishes to win at least one "Grand Slam" tournament besides other .

Tennis Legends 

There are many legends of tennis in the entire world, but the most known ones are, Martina Navratilova, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Steffi Graff, Boris Becker, Rafael Nadal, etc. and many more. These players entertain us with their crafty gameplay and win people's heart. There have been many epic battles played in the past, one such was the longest ever singles match played between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut which lasted for 11 hours and 5 minutes. This match was played at Wimbledon in 2010.There are only few players like Steffi Graf and Rod Laver who have won all the Grand Slam championships in a single year.

My tennis journey

One day I happened to see a tennis match on TV with my father, and after watching their amazing playing skills, I got pulled into the game of tennis, and then I decided to learn tennis. Initially, I started playing the game of tennis with my father and learnt some basics from him as he was learning it for the past one year. Then I decided to learn tennis from a tutor. Since then, I have been playing tennis for more than two years. Tennis is a game which gives me a lot of positivity and helps me to remain fit. I enjoy it wholeheartedly.

Basc tips to learn the game of tennis

  • Learn it from a trained tennis coach.

  • Always warm up and stretch before practice and matches.

  • Use proper technique. If you have questions about your technique, take a lesson from a trained instructor.

  • Stop training if you get hurt or feel pain.

  • Play different sports throughout the year to prevent injuries.

Tennis and Ailments

  • Tennis Elbow 

  • Wrist Strains

  • Back pain

  • Knee pain

  • Tennis toe

What I think about tennis

This sport helps me in keeping fit, agile, and happy.

•The friendships you make playing tennis are strong. You meet like-minded people seeking to improve their health and challenge themselves every time they step on the court. These friendships make you better person and builds a strong bond which is required in a team game.

•Tennis is a sport for all ages. It’s great for the whole family and it’s something you can start playing as a kid and play all the way through to your senior years. 

So how much do you love tennis? Do you guys watch the tournaments?


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