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18Aug 2019


Posted by : Preeti Jagarwal
Category : Parenting
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This is the very first time I am trying to write a blog. My blog is about “Picnic”.

Picnic – the best way to enjoy with nature and explore yourself without thinking about anything else.

It is the simplest way to enjoy the pleasure of life and forget about all the worries at least for sometime.I love to go for picnics with my family, friends, colleagues. It gives us time to interact with each other, to know more about your near ones. It’s the best time when you can connect with the nature as well as with the ones you love to be with. Now days in this robotic world it’s very difficult to give time to our dear ones. So I think picnic is the best way to get connected with them which leads to the good bonding as well. No one is big or small when we go for outing/picnic. We all become kids and enjoy the best moments during picnic. And no one wants to get older, isn’t it true? Not by age but by heart?? we can always find a child in ourselves in the picnic.


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Preeti Jagarwal

My name is Preeti. My hobbies are travelling and dancing.

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