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22Jan 2019

Pugmarks in the Centre of India

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Tadoba is a tiger reserve and it is sure to give a sighting of the Royal Bengal Tiger. TadobaAndhari Tiger Reserve or TATR in short is situated in Chandrapur district and is about 755.9 Km from Pune. So, we decided to take a flight to Nagpur. .

There are two types of safaris – core zone and buffer zone. TATR covers an area of about 625.4 square km out of which 116.25 km2 comes under core zone and the remaining 509.15 km2 comes under buffer zone.The guides here are very skilled and know a lot about the local flora and fauna. It covers an area of about 116.55 sq. km. and was established on 9th April 1995.

We saw spotted deer and tiger.

The guide told us the name Tadoba comes from the famous tribal warrior Taru who fought a tiger bravely but unfortunately lost his life.

The guide further told us what actually forest means

F – Fruits and Food

O – Oxygen

R – Rain

E – Energy

S – Soil

T – Treasure, Trees and Tourist

There are round about 80 tigers in the whole jungle. Mostly cubs and tigresses are sighted in here.

The whole of TATR is full of bamboo trees who bloom only once in their lifetime of 40 years and are expected to bloom in around 2020 – 21.

On our way to the resort we came across gum trees with many medicinal properties.They change colour as per the season.

On the buffer zone safari. As soon as we entered the zone, we were greeted by the Indian Gaur.

We saw Maharashtra’s state bird Hariyal. At 6 pm we ended our safari and went to our resort the temperature was 30C. It was freezing cold. The sky looked clear and many constellations were visible. The air was very pure something you’ll never get in cities.



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hi I am Madhura from CISK CLass 9B. Sharing with you my views about wildlife sanctuary

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