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21Jan 2019


Posted by : Pankaj Pawar
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Now days people are always promoting equality of all types, it may be about religion, nationality, caste, sex, lifestyles etc. But do you think equality really exists in all aspects? I think not. I mean no offence against our POOR SC/ST/OBC friends.

I thoroughly disagree with reservations based on castes, rather it should be based on the financial strength of an entity. In other countries reservations aren’t based on the educational sector. There is selection based only on our talent and skill, that’s why their countries are developed and ours is still developing.

The educational sector  based reservation leads to depression in general category students. For example, a general category student scoring around  95% in any exam can’t get an admission in one of the best colleges whereas reserved category students get admissions having only around 40 % . We surely don’t want poorly skilled IITians or doctors serving our country.

People being financially strong but having reservation admit their children into schools or colleges through the reserved seats. This means they have to pay very less money for educating themselves that is they feed on the general category parents’ income. Isn’t it a total sign of corruption?

And now that the Marathas have also got reservation the general’s are atotally discriminated.  This isn’t equality as per we are taught. Our Constitution Preamble guarantees each and every citizen equality in every aspect. As per the above statement reservation is a straight forward violation.

 Reservation was necessary when our country had just seen independence in 1947, to hoist the spirits of the underprivileged sections of our society. But now after about 72 years of independence, its high time we now ban it.

People should learn to fight on their own merit and secure themselves a place in the fast growing world, not with the help of any reservation. Be firm and stand on your own feet with our own opinion, our parents won’t always be by our sides to support us. The way Shivaji Maharaj, Rani Lakshami Bai thought is an epitome for all of us.




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