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18Aug 2019

Raising a Boy

Posted by : Gloria Abraham
Category : Parenting
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At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents. 

Hello everyone . Myblog is about parenting . I want to share my experience of being a mama to my boy . He is a normal kid but has a small issue . We have been dealing with a genetic disorder with him which both of us were totally unaware. It first began with accepting it. Accepting that we will have to deal with it all our life. It was difficult to know that your child has something that you have never heard of , lots and lots of studies and reading also wasn’t very helpful , you know why ? Becasue we couldn’t accept it! I kept asking god y me ? Y my son ? Y can’t he have a normal life!? We have had two episodes where the doctors have warned us and told us that you may not be this lucky next time . It’s scary isn’t it ?? The journey was scary , sceptical and apprehensive . Motherhood has been very traumatic to me. See my child go through endless pricks and endless hospital visits I kept cursing myself for having being one . I am not writing to vent out or gain sympathy. I want to tell everyone very important lessons I learnt during my trials . First is knowledge , it can work wonders in your life. Educate yourself ! Feel good and positive and deal with the situation . You must have a very positive outlook towards the situation it may no change the situation but help  you fight it. Second never give up . Fight till your last breath . Don’t lose hope , it gives you courage and mental stability. For mother’s facing such difficult times, I know it’s not easy it’s jsut how you look at. Like the very old glass example. The glass looks half empty or look half full! It can get negativity in your life , it didn’t bring in mine too. It affects your personal health , it did affect mine . It affected my relationship with my husband and due to frustration built up I had no patience with my child who was suffering the most. To throw out the negativity the o my way is to be happy and accept your problems . 


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