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21May 2017

Roald Dahl`s Gobblefunk Words

Posted by : Jaya Latha
Category : Kids Blog-8-10 years
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I love Roald Dahl books and they are so fun to read and he crafts dream world where I can live forever.  

He takes me to the dreamland and I would love to visit those places. You will say it is not possible. Even I know that but a little writing about his books would make me very happy. There are some amazing characters that are out of the world-  Oompa Loompas, Matilda, James and so many.

Phizz whizzing word world of Dahl is so fascinating. Let us see some words created by Roald Dahl and we all love it through my small dictionary. Did you just shake your head, my friends? Read on and I’m sure the word dictionary will never be boring for you. This teeny weenie dictionary is enjoyable and amusing.

Did you know?

Roald Dahl created 500 words and characters. Oxford has Roald Dahl dictionary too. About 10 of Roald Dahl words are officially included in Oxford Dictionary.


Gobblefunk: Roald Dahl’s own language. Words used in his books to explain the exciting and entertaining world. This is Roald Dahl’s dictionary. Now, what do you have to say, my shaky friends? Let’s go read some of them.


Snozzcumber – Knobby vegetable like an enormous cucumber with black and white stripes

Phizz Whizzing – Excellent or splendid

Goggler- An eye

Filthsome – Yuck

Frobscottle – A nice drink with soft drink bubble

Whizzpopping – Methane released from the bottom

Kiddles – Children

Exundly – Exactly

Porteedo – A Torpedo

Jiggered – There is no hope

Majester – The queen

Bootbogglers – Military men

Frizzlecrump – Don’t have running race with it if you think you’re fast

Crumpets – Trumpets

Poisnowse - Poisonous

Scrumdiddlyumptious – Utterly delicious

Bogglebox – A school for boys

Forthbuggling- Silly

The list big, so join in let me know some more words I have missed in this blog.


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Sudeepta Chakravarty Jun 18 2017 4:05AM

I love Roald Dahl too. Loved all the amazing words...


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961081I love Roald Dahl too. Loved all the amazing words...U175Jun 18 2017 4:05AM175Roald Dahl`s Gobblefunk WordsJaya Latha Sudeepta Chakravarty 
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