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22Jan 2019

Science and Spirituality

Posted by : Pankaj Pawar
Category : City International School Kothrud Pune
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Creation of universe by Lord Brahma and The Big Bang theory – they are the basic phrases for theconflicts which are going on for centuries. I may sound pessimist or too exaggerating, but when I read Stephen Hawking’s ‘A Brief History of Time’, I was so shocked to know that churches often stopped scientists to decode the secrets of the origin of the universe, fearing that this may even question the existence of the god itself! Till date, even scientists criticise the illogical decisions taken by them to halt their research of the origin of the universe or ‘Is really the earth centre of our solar system?’ Science does not believe in interdimensional space. We can say that science usually deals with materialistic situations and does not believe in supernatural powers.

After seeing the scientific research, let us move to in to defence of spirituality – our scriptures or holy books, namely the Puranas, Bhagwata Geeta, Ramayana, says that our universe was made by Lord Brahma, the creator, it was preserved by Lord Vishnu and was destroyed by Lord Shiva or Mahesh. Actually we can really say that they are the proton, neutron and the electron itself of the ancient times! Vedas give all the thesis or the theories of the origin of life and of universe, by giving the base as the soul or ‘the atman’, which is roughly the 10000000th part of our one hair root and the ‘the prakriti and the purusha’. We Indians really don’t know that these things are true and the modern science is matching to these Indian spiritual theories and we start criticing our science.

According to the experts on religions, Hinduism developed around 3000 years ago. Spiritually gifted people often use their mind as a medium or as a lab to associate with the supernatural powers (god) and science seeks it with its astrobiology and its telescopes to do research on space, black holes, dark matter and energy. As I earlier said, science deals with materialistic world while spirituality deals with spirit, soul and the supernatural energies.The Vedas give away the every single information – how to build aeroplanes and the higher dimensional places. While modern science does not even believe in multiverse!

I often think after reading these things that if science and spirituality work together, we can seriously decode many complex secrets. After all, they are complementary to each other. Our science deals with physical and visible world while spirituality deals with invisibleworld. Both are incomplete without each other. Many scientists often say that science is incomplete without spiritual matters. As matter of factly, many scientists like Einstein, APJ Abdul Kalam, Chandrashekhar often said that they felt some personal feeling while doing any important research. I believe that this may be the spiritual power interact with them. I think as After all they are the two sides of the same coin.


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