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18Aug 2019

Screen Time and It`s Effects on Kids

Posted by : Veda bansode
Category : City International School Kothrud Pune
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Screen time can be defined as any amount of time one spends  using a device such as a cell phone, computer, television, or games console. As a general idea in today's world, all kids are well versed with using all these devices on a regular basis. May it be for entertainment purposes or study purposes. Majorly it contributes for entertainment purposes in a way of playing games, watching videos or movies. According to American Academy of Pediatrics currently recommends that toddlers and young children spend no more than one hour a day watching quality educational programming. But the latest statistics show that kids below the age of 5 in India are susceptible to exposure of more than 5 hours of screen time per day! Isn't that a problem? 

Let's talk about hazards of too much of exposure. Interactive screen time is more likely to cause sleep, mood, and cognitive issues, because it's more likely to cause hyperarousal and compulsive use. Which is going to make our kids irritable, desynchronized and lazy. Do we really want this in our kids? I agree that sometimes when you are busy looking after your house and working is going to lead to us seeking an easy solution to the tantrums our kids throw - cell phones. But is it worth making them lag behind? 

Simple solutions include - encouraging reading like comics and short story books, colouring, indoor board games and so on and so forth. Basically the games We have played as kids. The joy of feeling wind in your hair on a swing and the rush of sliding down the swing is somewhere lost in this new busy world. Our kids are going to be the future. They are going to be the foundation of the new world and it is us as parents who will be building their personalities and habits. Isn't is a huge responsibility? So let us do our jobs with conviction, bring back the childhood that has been lost!


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