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25Jan 2019

Scrumptious Food in Nashik

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In Maharashtra where we go to enjoy delcious food? Of course we would go to some places like Mumbai, Pune etc. But did you know that even Nashik has a variety of amazing and different types of foods. There are many types of foods that you can enjoy in Nashik also. 

Now let me start with the best chaat in town. There are many good chaat stalls in town but, the most preferred and road chaat place is Nandan. Each and every day this is one of the most crowded places for chaat, (especially in the evening). All over in these many years Nandan has made its speciality in Pani Puri, Bhel and almost all types of Chaats.

Nashik has made its name high for foodies. Nahsik is famous for its Missal.  In each and every areas 2-3 missal shops are there. Some of the best missal in town are availabe in Tushar Missal, Ambika and Shamsundar. 

One of the mouth watering sweet drinks is lassi. Even Nashik has the most amazing lassi. The very famous Bagga Lassi. When you see a glass of lucious lassi, you are tempted to drink it as soon as possible. 

Now i will talk about the mouth-watering delicious Indian sweets. Buddha Halwai's Jalebi, Sagar Sweets, Agrawal Sweet's Malai Barfi, all these Indian sweets will make you feel so happy. 

The next item is Tea. In Nashik you get awesome tea. In Salim's which is present in College Road. 

And the last but not the least Italian food. Restaurant that you should prefer is Little Italy, in Sula Vineyards. After trying all these scrumptious foods if you are tempted to have superb desserts, then surely do prefer Nature's goodness in front of Swami samarth mandir near Akashwani Towers.

Do try all these awesome, amazing and mouth watering foods of Nashik!!!!!


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