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10Jan 2019

Serials and cookery shows the villains of a kid`s life

Posted by : Vani C
Category : Jindal Ardash Vidyalaya Bellary
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We the kids always love to watch cartoons and reality shows on TV. But moms would never leave us with the TV alone. From morning to night, the serials and cookery shows will run not only on TV’s but also in our moms brains too. They on the TV in early morning, and the mantras on; they might end those mantra chants by 9 am or 10 am. Then the time is 11 am, the cookery shows start; so, from 11 am to 2.30pm, the cookers blow their wizzles. At the same time, that is from 9 am to 2 30pm, these serial citizens repeat all serials which were telecasted the other day and the same things run up to 5.30. ‘Uffo!Now will we get TV’ if we feel, that would be the funniest and foolish thing ever. Actually, the climax starts now as the new episodes that is the continued parts of yesterday’s episodes just charms up our mom’s enthusiasm.

They will just complete their evening works early and decorate their hot seats in front of the TV. The serials, at this time, seem like cricket matches with live commentary, billers as villains and batters as their favorite players that are as hero and heroines. Now, from 5:30 pm to 11 pm the serials hit 4 and 6 and jog successfully.

In due course of time we feel relaxed but unhappy. Relaxed as we can sleep at least now we can sleep but unhappy because we did not get the remote whole day. Nowadays, the cookery shows got their special preference and are arriving on the separate channels. If this will is the specialized routine only for mothers, then what about us? We lose our heroes {cartoons} and get replaced by the villains {serials}.

This matter should be solved very soon...


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